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Redirection is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create 301 redirects and can log redirects and 404 errors:

  1. Access the Redirection Interface:
    • After activating the plugin, you’ll find a new “Redirection” option in your WordPress dashboard’s sidebar.
  2. Set Up a Redirect:
    • Click on the “Redirection” option in the sidebar to access the plugin’s interface.
    • You’ll be taken to the “Redirection” management page.
    • To add a new redirect, click the “Add New” button.
  3. Configure the Redirect:
    • Source URL: Enter the URL path that you want to redirect from. For example, if you want to redirect “/old-page” to “/new-page,” you would enter “old-page” in this field.
    • Match: Select how you want the source URL to be matched. You can choose “URL only” for an exact match or other options for more flexible matching.
    • Action: Choose the type of redirection you want to create, such as 301 (Permanent) or 302 (Temporary).
    • Target URL: Enter the full URL where you want the source URL to redirect. For example, if you want to redirect to “https://example.com/new-page,” enter the full URL here.
    • Group: You can organize your redirects into groups for better management. This is optional.
  4. Save the Redirect:
    • Once you’ve configured the redirect settings, click the “Add Redirect” button to save it.
  5. Test the Redirect:
    • Open a new browser tab and enter the source URL you specified in the “Source URL” field. The plugin should automatically redirect you to the target URL.
  6. View and Manage Redirects:
    • Back in the “Redirection” interface, you’ll see a list of all your created redirects.
    • You can edit, delete, or disable redirects from this list as needed.
  7. Advanced Options (Optional):
    • The “Redirection” plugin also offers advanced features, such as regular expression redirects, pass-through queries, and conditional redirects. You can explore these options based on your needs.
  8. Monitor and Maintain:
    • Regularly review your redirects to ensure they are functioning as expected. Update or delete redirects if URLs change or if the redirects are no longer needed.

More Information can be found at: https://redirection.me/

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