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Introducing… Reels of Fortune!

Reels of Fortune is a brand new Hot Drop Jackpots game available to play right now at Bovada Casino! This is the fourth Hot Drop Jackpot game to be released after Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe and A Night With Cleo. What are you waiting for? Jump in and start spinning those reels to have your chance at winning one of the three must-drop jackpots!


Play Reels of Fortune now!

What Are Hot Drop Jackpots?

Not managed to experience Hot Drop Jackpots just yet? Don’t worry, let’s get you up to speed with what these revolutionary, new online casino games are all about.

Hot Drop Jackpots offer the same core functionality as an online slot; you set your wager, hit spin and hope that a winning combination lands. However, there’s one major addition (technically three) that make Hot Drop Jackpots even bigger, even better and even more rewarding to the players. These online casino games all feature three must-drop jackpots:

  • The Hourly Jackpot
  • The Daily Jackpot
  • The Epic Jackpot

You can learn more about Hot Drop Jackpots and how they work by visiting our Hot Drop Jackpot Ultimate Guide.

Why Are Hot Drop Jackpots So Popular?

Since their launch on June 7, Hot Drop Jackpots have become one of the most popular games at Bovada Casino. Given the three must-win jackpots above, these games offer payouts and reward players like no other online casino game. With $5,000,000 in winnings paid out in just 30 days after launching, it’s easy to understand why they have become so popular.

As the jackpots draw closer to meeting their threshold, the more likely they are to drop; it only takes one spin for you to win big! Just last month, one Bovada player won a $240,409 jackpot from a single spin.


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