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Every so often in the gambling world, a new innovation makes its way to the casinos and changes the way people gamble forever. From mobile gaming and progressive jackpots, to live dealers and Bitcoin gambling, there have been a number of changes embraced by the online gambling community over the years. With the release of Bovada Casino’s new Hot Drop Jackpots, we are now standing on the ground floor of the next big revolution in online gaming. 


Play Hot Drop Jackpots at Bovada Casino!

Online slots are one of the most popular game types at any online casino. Whether you like the classic experience with iconic symbols and only three reels or you prefer a more modern approach with captivating animation and special features, playing slots at Bovada Casino is sure to get your heart racing in a big way.

The addition of Hot Drop Jackpots revolutionizes online slot games. Not only is it a new way to win real money, it’s a new way win big! These games include huge jackpots that must be won, making the slots more exciting, more thrilling and, most importantly, more rewarding for the players.

As the newest innovation in the world of online gaming, you probably have a lot of questions such as “What are Hot Drop Jackpots?” or “How do Hot Drop Jackpots work?” This guide will walk you through all of the important details relating to Hot Drop Jackpots, including what they are and which games are available. 

What are Hot Drop Jackpots?

Hot Drop Jackpots are a new type of casino game that is available at Bovada. They offer the same core functionality of online slots, however, they also include three huge cash jackpots. These jackpots are set to be won before they reach a certain threshold. The probability of winning one of the jackpots increases as the game gets closer to the end time or target amount. For context of just how big these casino games are, on average, Hot Drop Jackpots will payout over $5,000,000 every month.

How Do Hot Drop Jackpots work?

One of the great things about Hot Drop Jackpots games are that they are simple to play and easy to understand. Hot Drop Jackpots are not so different from standard online slots; the reels, symbols and betting options will all stay the same. The difference is, Hot Drop Jackpots feature three jackpots that must be won, greatly increasing your probability of winning a huge payout.

When playing Hot Drop Jackpot games, you’ll see real-time updates on all jackpots during the game. Placed to the left of the reels (or above the reels on some devices), these updates will display the current value of all three jackpots, as well as the time remaining for the hourly and daily prizes.

The closer a jackpot is to hitting its threshold, the more animated (with flames) the jackpot widget will be. Since your chances of winning these jackpots increases as you get closer to the maximum prize value or time limit, your slots experience will get more exciting with every spin and each passing second.

What are the different types of Jackpots?

There are three different jackpots available, split into two categories; time-based jackpots and amount-based jackpots. Each of them add their own unique wrinkle to the fun. To help give you an idea of what to expect before playing, here’s a look at the jackpots types available to be won.

Current Hot Drop Jackpot values!

Time-based Jackpots:

Time-based hot drop jackpots are rather straightforward. The jackpot must be won within a set time. The closer it gets, the more likely it is to be won. There are two time-based jackpots available at Bovada Casino: Hourly Jackpots and Daily Jackpots.

  • Hourly Jackpots

This type of Hot Drop Jackpot works on an hourly basis. This means that a jackpot is set to drop before 60 minutes are up, giving you extra motivation to spin those reels. This jackpot will payout an average of $1,000 every hour.

  • Daily Jackpots

This is another time-based jackpot, only instead of lasting 60 minutes, this prize is set to be won once every 24 hours. The wait may be longer than the Hourly Jackpots but the payout tends to be far greater, with an average pot of $25,000!

Amount-based Jackpots:

For amount-based hot drop jackpots, the jackpot must drop before it reaches the maximum pool value. These are known as Super Jackpots. The Super Hot Drop Jackpot must drop before it hits the max value, so the closer to the maximum value, the more likely it is for the jackpot to be won.

  • Super Jackpot

The Super Jackpot’s value increases the more the game is played. It is set to drop before it hits the max value. Super Jackpots are not relative to a certain time or date, it is purely based off how close the game is to reaching the maximum amount. The Super Jackpot will drop before hitting $250,000.

Once a time-based jackpot has been won, it will be locked until the next one becomes available. The locked jackpots are represented by a padlock and feature a timer that displays the amount of time left until the jackpot is available again. Once the Super Jackpot is won, it will immediately reset from the base value, ready to build up and be won again.

What Hot Drop Jackpots Games Are There?

To begin with, there are three Hot Drop Jackpot games at Bovada Casino: Golden Buffalo, 777 Deluxe and A Night With Cleo.

  • Golden Buffalo – Hot Drop Jackpots

Search for treasure while roaming the desert plains in this six-reel, four-row online video slot. The Hot Drop Jackpots will add even more excitement to your hunt for the Golden Buffalo.

  • 777 Deluxe – Hot Drop Jackpots

Combining the fun of classic fruit machines and 3D animation, this popular slot will include the three Hot Drops Jackpots along with the game’s mystery symbols, bonus rounds and progressive jackpot.

  • A Night With Cleo – Hot Drop Jackpots

This enchanting slot game invites you to spend the night with the beautiful Cleopatra. A special ‘Double Up’ feature can get you seduced by her beauty and the added Hot Drop Jackpots will make things even hotter. 

Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots Game Screen
Golden Buffalo Hot Drop Jackpots Game Screen

These are the first three Hot Drop Jackpot games, but they certainly won’t be the last. With a huge variety different slot games to choose from, more Hot Drop Jackpot games will be coming to Bovada Casino.

Can All Jackpots Be Active At The Same Time?

Yes, all three types of jackpots can be available at the same time. However, there may be times where not all of them are. As an example, if one of the time-based jackpots is won, then it will be locked until the timeframe passes. Whilst this jackpot is locked, the other two jackpots can still be won!

As a special piece of advice, we would advise playing when all three jackpots are available. This will give you the maximum chance of winning one of the three jackpots.

Do Hot Drop Jackpots Pay Real Money?

Absolutely. All of our Hot Drop Jackpots payout real money; not only can you enjoy hours of fun when playing, you can also enjoy winning real cash. With every spin, there’s a chance for you to boost your bank account.

When you play Hot Drop Jackpots for real money, you can win as you would with a normal online slot. On top of that, you can also win one of the Hot Drop Jackpots! The Hot Drop Jackpots are paid directly into your Bovada account, so if you win big you can spend it on whatever you like!

Are Hot Drop Jackpot Games Worth Playing?

There’s plenty of reasons as to why Hot Drop Jackpot games are worth playing. The biggest reason to play Hot Drop Jackpot games, is of course the huge, guaranteed jackpots. With three jackpots that must be won before hitting a certain threshold, if you are playing, then there’s every chance it could be you who lands a huge payout!

Secondly, when you play Hot Drop Jackpot games, you are playing to win real money; when you win, the money will head straight into your account balance. From here, you can withdraw your winnings and spend it on whatever you like!

A huge benefit of Hot Drop Jackpots is that they are super easy to play. Online slots have become extremely popular over the years because of their ease to play and understand. Hot Drop Jackpots are the exact same; now, you can win a huge amount of real money with minimum effort. Just sit back, hit the spin button and enjoy!

Hot Drop Jackpots Winner
Hot Drop Jackpots Winner

Finally, you can play Hot Drop Jackpot games on mobile. As long as you have a smartphone and internet connection, you can play at Bovada’s mobile casino. So, you can enjoy gaming from the comfort of your own home or whilst you are travelling to work; the choice is yours.

Hot Drop Jackpots Tips & Strategies

There’s one main goal when playing Hot Drop Jackpot games; to win money. More specifically, to win one of the jackpots. To give you the best chance of winning a Hot Drop Jackpot, here are two tips to follow.

  • Play When All Jackpots Are Active

The Hot Drop Jackpots are not always available to be won. For example, if someone wins the hourly jackpot after 30 minutes, it won’t be available again until the next hour begins. Therefore, to increase your chances of winning a jackpot, it’s best to play when all three are available. If a jackpot is not currently available to be won, it will show as locked within the game screen.

  • Play When A Jackpot Is Close To Its Limit

As explained, the jackpots are based on two limits: time-based or amount-based. The closer the jackpots are to hitting their limit, the more likely they are to drop.

Play With Crypto

Bovada is home to the best crypto casino available. That means you can enjoy some crypto gambling whilst playing Hot Drop Jackpot games. There are a variety of crypto gambling options available to use: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and USD Tether.

If you are new to crypto gambling at Bovada, then make sure you take advantage of our $3,750 Bitcoin casino bonus! Once signed up, begin depositing funds via crypto and play our thrilling online casino games. Should you need any support with crypto gambling, head on over to our crypto help page.


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We all dream of landing that perfect spin and imagine what it would feel like to win a jackpot payout. The thrill of winning such a massive payout is part of the reason why we play these real money games. With the introduction of the Hot Drop Jackpots, Bovada players can now take the excitement of online slots to a whole new level! Keep an eye out for the Hot Drop trackers and start spinning those reels to score one of the Hot Drop Jackpots. So you can play our awesome casino games, be sure to sign up to Bovada today. If you have an account with Bovada, then you can Refer-A-Friend to earn up to $275!