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Every now and then, a new feature comes along and shakes-up the world of online casinos. From crypto gambling to progressive jackpots, there’s been a few of these over recent years. However, one of the biggest ever innovations has landed at Bovada Casino; Hot Drop Jackpots.

By featuring three must-win jackpots, Hot Drop Jackpots bring a whole new experience to online casinos. These new online casino games bring the combination of thrill and excitement like never before. They’re bigger, better and more rewarding than any other online casino game out there.


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What Are Hot Drop Jackpots?

Hot Drop Jackpots are a new type of online casino game available at Bovada Casino. They offer the same functionality as traditional online slots but introduce three types of jackpots, all of which must drop. So, not only can you win real money as you would with a standard online slot game, you also have the chance to win one of the huge jackpots. When you win, you can withdraw the funds and spend it on whatever you like! Have a read of our Ultimate Hot Drop Jackpot Guide for more information.

What Jackpots Are Available?

When you play Hot Drop Jackpots, there are three different jackpots available: Hourly Jackpot, Daily Jackpot and Super Jackpot. Each of these jackpots must be won before they meet their time or amount limit. Let’s take a look at each of the Hot Drop Jackpots available to be won:

Hourly Jackpot: This is a time-based jackpot. The hourly jackpot must drop each and every hour!

Daily Jackpot: This is also a time-based jackpot. However, the daily jackpot must drop every 24 hours.

Super Jackpot: This is an amount-based jackpot. The super jackpot will increase in value the more the game is played and must drop before it reaches its maximum limit of $300,000!

There are three tabs within the game’s screen showcasing the value of each jackpot and how close it is to reaching its maximum threshold. Once a time-based jackpot is won, it will be locked until the next hour or day. For locked jackpots, a padlock will be displayed in the tab alongside a countdown for when it will be available again. When the super jackpot is won, it immediately resets to the base value and begins building up once again.

All three jackpots can be active at the same time, however, this is not always the case. For example, the hourly jackpot could be won after 30 minutes, meaning it will be locked for another 30. During this time, only the daily and super jackpot will be active.

As the jackpots must be won by someone playing the Hot Drop Jackpot game, the closer the jackpot is to its limit, the more likely it is to drop. Want a little tip? You should look to play Hot Drop Jackpots when all three jackpots are active to increase your chance of winning one.

What Hot Drop Jackpot Games Are Available?

There are three Hot Drop Jackpot games that you can play at Bovada Casino:

  • Golden Buffalo – Hot Drop Jackpots
  • 777 Deluxe – Hot Drop Jackpots
  • A Night With Cleo – Hot Drop Jackpots

However, this is just the beginning. Over the next few months, and beyond, there will be more Hot Drop Jackpots coming for you to play at our online casino! Be sure to follow our Casino Twitter Account for all of the latest updates on our casino products.

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