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Blackjack is one of the most popular online casino games across the globe for numerous reasons. Not only is the game easy and fun to play, there’s also a very low house edge compared to other table games. This means, when using the correct Blackjack strategy, players have a good opportunity to win real money. To help you beat the odds and learn the best Blackjack strategy, you can use our free Blackjack Calculator!


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This calculator uses basic Blackjack Strategy to advise you on the optimal play to make with the highest chance of winning. However, as Blackjack involves chance, there is no guarantee you will win. The choice for your next move is entirely your decision.

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How To Use The Blackjack Strategy Calculator

Using our Blackjack Calculator is super easy. Just follow these steps to begin using it in no time:

  1. Select the dealer’s up card.
  2. Select the two cards you have been dealt.
  3. See what the best move to make is.
  4. Hit ‘Reset’ to start a new hand.


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How Does The Blackjack Calculator Work?

Still not sure for when to hit in Blackjack, or when to stand? Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore. Through mathematic formulas and basic Blackjack strategy, the Blackjack Calculator’s algorithm calculates what the optimal move for you to make is: hit, stand, double down or split.

Based on the dealer’s up card and the two cards you have been dealt, the calculator advises what the best move is for you to make. The calculator does not guarantee you will win every hand, however it gives you the best odds at beating the dealer.

It’s important to note that this Blackjack Strategy Calculator is for single-deck Blackjack. Some Blackjack games can feature multiple decks, changing the odds and therefore affecting the best move to make.

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