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What Is The Crypto Calculator?

The Bovada Crypto Calculator lets you calculate your potential profit/loss from your existing or future cryptocurrency investments. Whether you are looking to invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or any cryptocurrency, the Bovada Crypto Calculator can be used. It’s the perfect tool to use to calculate return on your cryptocurrency investments.

How To Use The Crypto Calculator?

This crypto calculator is free and easy to use. It can be used to plan and calculate your future crypto investments, or it can be used to calculate the profit/loss from your past crypto investments.

  1. Select the cryptocurrency you are looking to invest in.
    There are six cryptocurrencies ready to choose from: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. To use any other cryptocurrency, select ‘Other’ and manually input the Buy-Price.
  2. Input the amount you are looking to invest.
    The investment box can be set to $ or Units. Select $ if you have a set amount of USD amount to invest – e.g. $1,000. Select Units if you have a set amount of Units you wish to invest – e.g. 1.5 Bitcoin.
  3. Set the buy price.
    If you choose one of the six default cryptocurrencies, the buy price field will automatically be set to its current price.
    If you have already bought the crypto, change the buy price to the amount it cost at the time of your purchase.
    If you choose ‘other’, you will need to manually input the buy price of the crypto you want to invest in.
  4. Set the sell price.
    Enter your ideal sell price to view the total profit/loss.
    Alternatively, keep adjusting the sell price to work out exactly what price you need to sell your crypto at to hit a targeted return.
    If you have already sold your crypto, then enter the amount you sold it for and view your total return on investment.

*If you need to apply an investment/exit fee, then this can be done using the relevant fields. If this does not apply to your investment, then you can leave these fields empty.

How To Calculate Crypto Profit/Loss?

The best part about the crypto profit calculator is that it can be used to work out your past, present or future crypto investments.

Past: Look back at your previous crypto investments by inputting the amount of crypto you bought, how much it cost and how much you sold it for. This will show you your overall profit or loss from the investments made.

Present: If you have already purchased some crypto, you can use the calculator to figure out your potential return on investment. Input the amount of crypto you bought and the amount it cost. Then, input your ideal sell price to figure out what your return would be or if you have a set amount of profit you are targeted to make, you can learn how much you need to sell the crypto for.

Future: The crypto profit calculator is the perfect tool to use to plan your future cryptocurrency investments. Simply input the amount you would like to invest, the cost of the crypto and then how much you would like to sell for.

Are There More Calculators?

Yes, it’s not just the crypto profit calculator that Bovada has to offer. There’s also:

  • Roulette Profit Calculator
  • Blackjack Strategy Calculator

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