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When it comes to the UFC and mixed martial arts (MMA), it’s tough to deny the true greatness of Conor McGregor. Nicknamed ‘Notorious’ for all of the controversies he’s stirred up over the course of his career, McGregor is a former UFC Champion who knows how to draw a crowd. Whether you like him or not, McGregor clearly knows how to promote a fight!

In the realm of sports betting, few events can rival the excitement and unpredictability of a Conor McGregor fight. With his raw talent and breathtaking charisma, McGregor has captivated millions of MMA fans worldwide. Love him or hate him, we understand the electrifying allure of betting on McGregor’s legendary bouts.

When it comes to the Irish mixed martial artist, the betting stakes are always sky-high. Whether he’s inside the octagon for the UFC or donning a pair of boxing gloves for a Pay-Per-View special against Floyd Mayweather, you can be sure you’ll be in for a wild ride full of drama and excitement.

In this article, we unveil Bovada Sportsbook’s 10 biggest winning bets on Conor McGregor fights. These tales of triumph will leave you inspired and serve as a reminder that in the world of sports betting, even the wildest dreams can transform into huge cash payouts!

#10. $15,882 Won From $10,000

The first big winner featured on our list dates all the way back to 2018, with Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov facing off in the Main Event of UFC 229. As the lightweight champion with an undefeated record, Khabib was a -170 betting favorite versus McGregor. That didn’t stop one Bovada bettor from wagering $10,000 on Khabib to remain undefeated, earning him a $15,882 payout when McGregor tapped out in the fourth round.

#9. $16,127 Win From $9,115

In July 2021, UFC 264 was headlined by the third and final installment of a lightweight trilogy between Conor McGregor and Dustin Poirier. Everyone knows how dangerous McGregor can be in the octagon, but Poirier is an MMA veteran with plenty of experience versus the infamous Irishman. There was a $9,115 bet at -130 on Poirier to win the fight, leading to a $16,127 payout when McGregor lost by a doctor stoppage TKO at the end of the first round!

#8. $17,548 Won From $10,799

It looks like there was more than one big winner from the McGregor-Nurmagomedov fight at UFC 229.  While this may seem like an obvious bet in hindsight, McGregor and Nurmagomedov were arguably the two biggest names in MMA leading up to this bout. There was no fooling this UFC bettor though, as they won $17,548 by wagering on Khabib at -160 betting odds to win outright.

#7. $18,000 Won From $10,000

With so much hype surrounding McGregor-Poirier 3, there was a ton of betting action leading up to UFC 264. Featuring two legendary fighters, MMA fans couldn’t wait to see which brawler would come out on top in their third and final fight. This particular Bovada gambler won big by wagering an even $10,000 on Poirier to win at -125 betting odds, ultimately leading to a total payout of $18,000!

#6. $20,756 Won From $13,069

With a perfect 29-0 record over the course of his legendary career, it’s not hard to see why so many fans bet on Khabib Nurmagomedov to defeat Conor McGregor at UFC 229. While it ended up being the only meeting between these two great warriors, this savvy bettor still managed to win big by wagering just over $13K on Khabib, resulting in a total win of $20,756.

#5. $21,250 Won From $16,250

When Conor McGregor took on Donald Cerrone at UFC 246, the man they call ‘Notorious’ was a huge betting favorite. While most spectators were expecting McGregor to come out on top, few could have anticipated his TKO victory just 40 seconds into the first round. With -325 odds to win, this McGregor fan risked $16,250 pre-match and quickly earned himself a total payout of $21,250.

#4. $22,000 Won From $2,000

We have another big winner from the epic McGregor-Nurmagomedov tilt back in 2018, only this bettor wasn’t shy when it came to making a bold prediction. In one of the more impressive bets featured on this list, this bettor wagered $2K on Khabib to win the fight in Round 4, specifically. With the odds for this fun prop bet coming in at +1000, the end result was a massive return on investment with a total payout of $22,000.

#3. $23,000 Won From $13,000

Returning to McGregor-Poirier 3 from UFC 264, this sharp gambler bet $13K on Poirier at -130 betting odds to win the fight. As we already touched on earlier, McGregor was unable to continue the fight when the ring doctor put a stop to the action at the end of the first round. That led to a huge $23,000 payout for this lucky Bovada bettor!

#2. $24,000 Won From $14,000

It appears great minds think alike, as the second biggest betting payout on a McGregor fight came in the exact same fashion as the previous entry on this list. Taking advantage of some excellent betting value, this bettor was smart enough to put $14,000 on Poirier at -140 to beat McGregor at UFC 264. The rest is history and this gambler took home a cool $24K when it was all said and done.

#1. $28,875 Won From $21,380

Even if a bet has extremely short odds, it doesn’t mean you can’t still make a lot of money. Just ask this one bettor, who won an all-time Bovada best $28,875 on a Conor McGregor tilt. The matchup in question was once again McGregor-Poirier 3, only this time the wager wasn’t focused on a particular fighter. Instead, this bettor risked $21,380 at -285 odds that the fight would complete at least 1 full round. Although this fight never made it to Round 2, the first round was completed in full, earning this lucky gambler a huge payday and the betting story of a lifetime!


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