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Bovada welcomes back NHL fanatic Tony X, @soIoucity, who gives his reason as to why each team won’t make it to the Stanley Cup.Stanley Cup Panthers Golden Knights Hockey

Every year, a winner is crowned in the NHL, and there’s only one. One fanbase can enjoy the happiness of seeing their captain raise the cup and do laps around the ice while Gary Bettman gets booed for just existing, which is a great tradition. The rest of us just hope we can reach that point soon because, when you really think about it, sports is about 99% sadness and 1% happiness, but the 1% can last a lifetime. I’m here to give you one statement on why your team will not win the cup. The great thing about this is that since only one team can win, I will be right on 99% of these and just hope that yours is the wrong one.


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Anaheim Ducks – Sorry, you’re one of the worst teams in the league and will continue to be for a while. The good thing is you have some rising young players that can be superstars.

Arizona Coyotes – I would LOVE a cup lap in the 4,600-seat Mullet Arena, but let’s be serious; that won’t happen.

Boston Bruins – After having the most successful season EVER in the NHL and then losing in the first round, that feeling will linger. Players aren’t robots; after that long, amazing season then ending like that in the playoffs, I suspect a hard falloff this season.

Buffalo Sabres – They were right on the cusp of making it to the playoffs last year, but the team lacks depth and experience to make a deep playoff run this early.

Calgary Flames – Flames are a middle-of-the-pack team, which is exactly where you don’t want to be. You either want to be good or bad.

Carolina Hurricanes – A very complete team; you can count on a different player just about every other night. But is Aho the player they can count on every night?

Chicago Blackhawks – Bedard could come out as Gretzky reincarnated, and the Blackhawks would still have no shot with this roster.

Colorado Avalanche – The hardest part about winning the cup is doing it again.

Columbus Blue Jackets – One of the worst teams last year and couldn’t even win the draft lottery; no chance they will even sniff the playoffs.

Dallas Stars – Complete team. Great team. Will they be battle-tested or banged up trying to make it out of the Central?

Detroit Red Wings – Young Team. No playoff experience; let’s give it a few more years.

Edmonton Oilers – The best player on the planet, but the team has to score 7 a game because of the defense.

Florida Panthers – Great team, but it will be very hard to make it back to the final dealing with that Atlantic division.

Los Angeles Kings – Somehow the Kings got to 104 points last year, and nobody noticed. The same will happen this season.

Minnesota Wild – Depth will be an issue with this team.

Montreal Canadiens – Bright future, but that future is far away.

Nashville Predators – Forget the cup; I’ll be shocked if they make the playoffs.

New Jersey Devils – If there’s one team with the right combo of youth plus veteran leadership, it’s the Devils. You will not make it out of the East playoffs.


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New York Islanders – Their goalie could stop a puck on a soccer net. The offense needs more firepower to get that cup.

New York Rangers – This is an elite team on paper. Very good at all aspects of the game. Offensive depth looks very lacking.

Ottawa Senators – The only senators that will be winning anything this year won’t be playing hockey.

Philadelphia Flyers – Phillies lost. Eagles lost. Flyers have no chance to even lose in the final.

Pittsburgh Penguins – Pens seem to be going all in for one more chance with the core that’s getting older. It almost never works.

San Jose Sharks – The window is closed and will be for a long time. See you in 2028.

Seattle Kraken – New kids on the block. They’re like when you go to the buffet and get a bunch of random food; sure, it might taste good, but does it mesh enough to be a complete meal?

St. Louis Blues – Offensive firepower isn’t there. Stable defense isn’t there either. The Central will be a beast to get through.

Tampa Bay Lightning – All those extra playoff games are starting to add up, and the boys aren’t all in their 20s anymore.

Toronto Maple Leafs – You will have an amazing season then somehow run into the hottest team in the playoffs. Rinse and repeat.

Vancouver Canucks – If they could clone 5 Elias Petterssons, then they would have a legit shot.

Vegas Golden Knights – No way the hockey gods would allow this back-to-back years, right?

Washington Capitals – Ovi breaking the goal record soon is much better than the cup, right? … Right?

Winnipeg Jets – Hellebuyck could carry them if need be, but they won’t make it through the Central.