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The confetti has been cleaned up, the parades are done, and the excitement and angst from the NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl have subsided. Looking ahead to next year has begun. Now seems as good a time as ever to dust off the proverbial crystal ball, shake up the good old magic 8 ball, and make some lofty assumptions and predictions for next year’s Super Bowl LIX champion. It’s all good fun and not at all scientific, so take these with a grain of salt.


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Kansas City Chiefs: Bovada +450

The Chiefs are the usual suspects in recent years as the preseason favorite and like it or not, there’s a fairly good reason to support that.  Some questions hover over the defending champs. Will success lead to apathy? Will the rest of the league close the gap? Will certain siblings, wives, or girlfriends become too much of an off-the-field distraction? Personally, if certain pop stars bake homemade pop tarts for the team like last time, I think it would be great for morale, but they have some tough competition, chomping at the bit to take another shot at them. Speaking of which…

Buffalo Bills: Bovada +1100

Pundits tend to say that the Chiefs had a dominating postseason. If you take a closer look, it’s not that simple. Buffalo Bills fans would likely agree with this. The Bills were a few whistles or a few play calls away from their shot at the Super Bowl. Contrary to how the game ended, the Bills looked like a contender for much of their game against the Chiefs. They were the better team for the most part, and they’re certainly not in the mood to find a way to give the game to their rivals again.

Cincinnati Bengals: Bovada +1400

The Bills aren’t the only ones who want another postseason crack at the defending champs, so does the Bengals. You can’t say they aren’t confident in their chances head-to-head with the Chiefs. Their roster is loaded, and as long as Joe Burrow is healthy, you have to believe they’re coming back strong for a deep playoff run.

San Francisco 49ers: Bovada +600

Can Brock Purdy break the streak of the last 18 quarterbacks to lose their Super Bowl debut after failing to make it back to the big game? The 49ers have everything going for them. Great coach, great offense, solid defense, and a big chip on their shoulder. Will they stay hungry, or will frustration and doubt set in? One thing is fairly certain; they will be in the mix, and nobody wants to face a healthy 49ers team in the playoffs.


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Detroit Lions:  Bovada +1200

One of the best stories of the NFL season is that of the Detroit Lions. Most NFL fans who didn’t have their team in the playoffs were rooting for these guys. Make no mistake, they aren’t just flukes; Cinderella is a good story. They’re for real. Their confidence is high, the city’s fans are going to be rabid all season, and nobody is worried about past performances making it into the playoffs anymore. Well, that’s our prediction at least…

Dallas Cowboys: Bovada +1400

Yeah Here We Gooooo …again. The Dallas Cowboys is the team that seems to find ways to break the hearts of their fans every time they make the postseason. Regular season stat machines, but playoff enigmas. It’s an absolutely tough road, especially with San Francisco sharing a division with them. Few teams on paper are as strong year in and year out as Dak and the Cowboys, and hey, if Detroit can get over the hump, anybody can.

Way Too Early Super Bowl Prediction: Dallas over Buffalo

Dak finally breaks through, translating regular season success into the postseason. Josh Allen pushes them to the brink in a suspenseful game, with both teams playing with the knowledge that they can’t waste the opportunity that has eluded them for so long. The game ends with Cowboys fans keeping their TVs and furniture intact and social media friends blocking each other over years of football memes and arguments. The broadcast ends with Jerry Jones smiling with an approving smile, ala Mr. Miyagi at the end of Karate Kid, and fans slow-clapping Dak and the boys as they slow-motion walk back to the locker room.

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