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The hopes and dreams of many NFL fans come alive every April, and the 2024 NFL Draft is no exception.

It’s a time when fans and GMs pin their hopes on one or two college football players to change the entire direction of their NFL team.

This year, there are plenty of tantalizing prospects at the quarterback position, and in other key areas too. And Bovada’s 2024 NFL Draft odds are right there for all the rounds, all the wheeling and dealing.

Let’s dive in to see where you might want to wager…


This year’s NFL Draft odds start with one of the most unanimous number-one projections in years, USC’s Caleb Williams.

He’s a whopping -5000 to be the first pick overall. Williams was already a big favorite to go number one even before the college season started, and now that the Chicago Bears – who hold the first pick – shipped out their starter Justin Fields, it seems even more obvious. Williams can do it all. He won the Heisman in his first year at USC, and last season he had an epic 30 TDs versus just 5 interceptions, as well as over 3,600 yards passing.

What could make Williams slip down a notch or two in the draft? He tends to go off-script and improvise often – which might work against college talent, but NFL defenders are a whole different ball game.

Overall, the majority of the top NFL Draft odds pickers have Williams as the overwhelming favorite to go first. Bettors might find more value elsewhere, so let’s keep digging.


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Another electric quarterback, Jayden Daniels’ NFL Draft odds as the potential number pick are next-closest to those of Caleb Williams. Daniels is +1200 to be taken with the first pick, and -210 to go number two. If you think that the Bears are wary of Williams’ supposed request to have equity in the team that drafts him and like Daniels just as much, then the +1200 move might be your play.

After all, Daniels is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, leading the entire nation in touchdowns with 50. Oh, he also led the country in total yards with almost 5,000, including over 1,000 yards rushing.

On the other hand, given the amount of QB talent in the 2024 NFL Draft, some pro sites have Daniels sliding all the way down to the ninth pick overall! So choose wisely.


The odds-on favorite at Bovada to go number three in the 2024 NFL Draft, UNC’s Drake Maye is yet another top quarterback prospect for which many teams are interested.

At -140, the odds for Maye to go third are high in oddsmakers’ eyes. He lacks a bit of the star power of Williams and the sheer athleticism of Daniels, but he threw for over 4,000 yards two years ago and even led the Tar Heels in rushing. In 2023, his numbers dropped, but he wasn’t considered to be 100% healthy, with a sore ankle.

That shouldn’t scare off too many GMs,s through— all the top sites have Maye in or around their top 5 picks for this year’s draft. He’s the type of pocket passer that has long been coveted in the NFL. Keep an eye out for trades too – Maye could convince a number of teams to move up, while letting the teams with the top spots move down a pick or two.


Ok, let’s talk about our first non-QB! Marvin Harrison Jr. is the best wide receiver prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft, and some are saying he’s the best WR to come along in a decade.

He comes from a solid receiving pedigree – his dad, Marvin Harrison Sr  is in the NFL Hall of Fame. He won the 2023 Biletnikoff Award as the most outstanding college receiver in the country too.

For all those off-the-field accolades, he’s the top choice to go fourth, currently at -190 in our NFL Draft odds. It’s thought that the teams needing a franchise QB will all pick in the top three, and the next team will catch Harrison Jr.  


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After the first four picks, it becomes a much juicier set of choices when it comes to NFL Draft odds.

Malik Nabers is the latest wide receiver to come out of the WR factory known as LSU. Recent grads like Justin Jefferson, Ja’Marr Chase and others are already putting up big numbers, and Nabers looks to be following in their fleet footsteps.

He also lost out to Harrison Jr. for the Biletnikoff award by one single vote in 2023, so he’s got an extra edge to prove himself as a big-time NFL receiver.

Nabers is currently at +190 to go fifth, and if you think he can jump ahead of Harrison Jr., his NFL Draft odds to go fourth jump up to +1600.


If you’re looking for other ways to play the NFL Draft game – Bovada’s ready for that too. Bet by position, team, a combination of both and tons more.

Got a favorite NFL team? You might find odds on which players will go there. Take the Denver Broncos for example. They unloaded Russell Wilson this offseason, and with their 12th pick they won’t get their hands on Williams, Maye, or Daniels.

But Bo Nix might be around, and he’s currently at -160 to headed to Mile High Country. If you think he’ll be snapped up sooner, then the +500 odds of J.J. McCarthy headed to Denver looks pretty solid.

You can even wager on the exact order of the top three picks, with big paydays if you make the exact right picks to kick off the draft. A Williams/Daniels/Harrison Jr 1-2-3 bet is currently at +2200, for example.

If you want to spread your NFL Draft odds around and you prefer to not have to pick an exact spot where a player will go, you can also grab a player or two that you think will be taken in the Top 10. Top QB prospects like Bo Nix and Michael Penix Jr. could slide into the top 10 easily, and they’re NFL Draft odds for being somewhere in that group are sitting at +650 and +800 respectively.

The categories go on and on, so set up your own NFL Draft war room, crunch those numbers, and get ready for everything!


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