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Tom Brady Biggest Bets Won

When it comes to the NFL’s all-time greats, one name shines brighter than the rest—Tom Brady. With an arm that seems to possess its own magic, this famous quarterback has etched his name in football history, leaving a trail of victory in his wake. As the NFL GOAT, Brady’s career has been nothing short of spectacular, thrilling fans and bettors alike.

Throughout his awe-inspiring journey through the National Football League, Tom Brady has not only racked up numerous championships and passing records but has also become a secret weapon for savvy gamblers, transforming their wagers into substantial winnings. At Bovada Sportsbook, we’ve witnessed the exhilaration and ecstasy firsthand as our users have experienced tremendous triumphs on the back of Brady’s legendary arm.


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From nail-biting comebacks to awe-inspiring playoff performances, Brady’s unparalleled greatness has created a windfall of riches for those who recognized his prowess and seized the opportunity. In this article, we unveil the 10 biggest winning bets ever placed on Tom Brady at Bovada Sportsbook. From the New England Patriots to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, get ready to relive the unforgettable moments where Tom Brady’s magic has helped transform ordinary bets into extraordinary fortunes!

#10. $4,040 WON FROM $40

NFL RedZone Specials are a fun type of prop that allow you to gamble on a player’s performance inside their opponent’s 20-yard line. In this Week 12 wager from 2022, the user bet on Tom Brady, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Lamar Jackson each throwing 100+ passing yards in the red zone. With astronomical payout odds of +10000, this NFL bettor’s relatively small $40 investment turned into a $4,040 payout thanks to Tom Brady and some of his quarterback brethren!

#9. $4,500 WON FROM $500

Boasting an NFL-record five Super Bowl MVP awards in his career, Tom Brady was usually at his best when the stakes were at their highest. In this specially requested bet from Super Bowl LV, a Bovada sports bettor won big by wagering $500 on a trifecta of events: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win, Rob Gronkowski to score a touchdown and Tom Brady to win MVP. By hitting on all 3 predictions, this gambler earned a +800 payout and took home $4,500.

#7. $6,000 WON FROM $2,000

It seems as if Brady’s affinity for Super Bowl MVP awards is no secret, as this NFL gambler cashed in on the MVP prop bet from Super Bowl LV. With a final stat line of 201 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and no interceptions, Brady guided Tampa to a 31-9 victory and the title of Super Bowl MVP. At +200 betting odds, this user won a $6,000 payday on the final game of the NFL season.

#6. $6,400 WON FROM $1,600

During Week 18 of the NFL’s 2021 regular season, Brady and the Buccaneers were taking on the lowly Carolina Panthers. Brady torched Carolina’s defense by throwing for 326 yards, including 137 yards to TE Rob Gronkowski and 89 yards to WR Mike Evans. This NFL bettor must have seen the blowout coming, as he wagered $1,600 on Brady passing for 300+ yards, Mike Evans gaining 50+ yards receiving and Rob Gronkowski picking up 75+ yards receiving. At +300, the end result was a $6,400 payout for this lucky Brady fan.

#5. $6,600 WON FROM $2,200

Leading up to Super Bowl 55, Terrific Tom was one of the top betting options to win the game’s MVP award. Listed pre-match at +200, this brave Bovada bettor risked $2,200 on the GOAT to claim this prestigious award for the 5th time in his illustrious NFL career. With the help of a spectacular showing by the Buccaneers defense, Brady put forth an incredible Super Bowl performance and was named Super Bowl MVP at the age of 43.


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#4. $7,507 WON FROM $3,003

As the NFL’s all-time leader with a mind-blowing 89,214 passing yards, it’s clear Brady knows how to move the chains. Perhaps that could explain why this user was so confident in Brady during a Week 5 matchup between the Buccaneers and Falcons. This savvy bettor boosted the payout odds to +150 by betting on an Alternate Yards Special of Brady passing for 300+ yards in the game. The legendary quarterback went off against Atlanta, throwing for 351 yards and turning this $3K bet into a $7,507 return!

#3. $8,093 WON FROM $94

Tom Brady and Sam Darnold are two names you don’t often hear in the same sentence; one is a future hall of famer, while the other is still trying to find his place in the NFL. Yet for one beautiful moment, the two quarterbacks came together for a big win. This courageous bettor risked $94 on both Brady and Darnold passing for 325+ yards in their Week 17 matchup during the 2022 NFL season. This specially requested bet came with +8500 betting odds and led to an $8,093 payday.

#3. $8,633 WON FROM $2,878

We have yet another Super Bowl MVP bet from 2021, when Brady led Tampa Bay past the Kansas City Chiefs for his 7th and final Super Bowl victory. With Patrick Mahomes on the other side of the field, Brady’s MVP odds got a bit of a boost and made for some solid betting value. This Bovada bettor put down $2,878 on the ageless quarterback to win the Super Bowl MVP award one more time, cashing in on the +200 odds and winning $8,633.

#2. $9,250 WON FROM $1,000

There’s nothing like starting off the NFL betting season with a huge win, and that’s exactly what this bettor did to kick off the 2021 campaign. Tampa was fresh off a Super Bowl victory and was hosting Dallas in a prime time showdown. This gambler wagered $1,000 on Brady to record 350+ passing yards, 31 passing completions and 3+ passing touchdowns. As you can probably guess, he delivered on all three props and the +825 odds led to a $9,250 payout.

#1. $17,000 WON FROM $4,250

In the top spot on our list of biggest winning Brady bets, one of our NFL bettors wagered on Tom Brady and Dak Prescott to both throw for 275+ passing yards during the 2022/23 Bucs-Cowboys Wild Card game. The Cowboys may have won the playoff matchup, but both quarterbacks eclipsed the 300-yard plateau to win the bet easily. With the payout odds at +300, this Brady bet resulted in a massive $17,000 win!