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Biggest Winning NFL Parlays

NFL parlays are the ultimate thrill for any sports bettor looking to amplify the excitement of football season. These multi-bet wonders offer a unique blend of strategy and anticipation, allowing you to combine several individual bets into one high-stakes gamble. What sets parlay betting apart is the potential to yield astronomical payouts, turning a modest investment into massive rewards!

Imagine predicting the outcome of multiple NFL games, each with its own unique odds, and watching as those bets compound into a jaw-dropping payday. The heart-pounding tension as each game progresses, knowing that one upset could cost you everything, is what makes NFL parlay betting such an exhilarating experience.

Now that the 2023 NFL betting season has officially begun, let’s delve into the adrenaline-pumping world of NFL parlays by exploring Bovada Sportsbook’s 10 biggest winning NFL parlays of all-time. These epic tales of triumph will showcase the incredible possibilities that lie within the world of NFL betting, where savvy sports bettors have turned just a few dollars into life-changing fortunes!


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#10. $43, 291 (WON FROM $3,168)

In the midst of NFL postseason intensity, this NFL bettor created a playoff-themed parlay that defined postseason excitement. With a bold wager of $3,168, they selected four different favorites (Bengals, Bills, Bucs, Chiefs) to cover the point spread in their respective Wild Card matchups. When the dust settled, all four teams had covered and their investment had ballooned into an impressive $43,291 payout. This parlay epitomized the thrill of playoff betting, where every snap and touchdown can turn passion into profit!

#9. $56,618 (WON FROM $15,190)

In a high-stakes NFL parlay, a fearless bettor placed an eye-popping bet $15,190 on a dynamic two-pick combination. They backed the underdog Texans at +3 and put their faith in the heavily-favored Patriots at -11, expecting them to dominate their matchup. The Texans defied expectations with a gritty performance, while the Patriots delivered a resounding victory. As the final whistle blew, this two-selection NFL parlay showcased how precision and confidence can turn a big bet into an even bigger win.

#8. $49,956 (WON FROM $5,577)

In another big win from the NFL Playoffs, one astute bettor constructed a three-game parlay that turned a $5,577 wager into a thrilling payout just under $50,000. Their selections included the Buccaneers and Chiefs as 7 and 13-point betting favorites at home, as well as the 49ers straight up on the road. Both Tampa and Kansas City won by double-digits, while San Francisco pulled out a gutsy road win over Dallas to secure the bag for this bettor.

#7. $48,422 (WON FROM $1,867)

In an astonishing play from Week 11 of the 2019 NFL season, this gambler demonstrated the art of NFL parlay betting. With a relatively modest wager amount, they crafted a 6-game parlay that defied the odds, culminating in a $48,422 payout. This remarkable parlay consisted of three different favorites against the spread, as well as the over in all three of those games. This bet stands as a testament to the strategic brilliance that can lead to extraordinary NFL parlay payouts!


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#6. $55,271 (WON FROM $7,595)

In the world of NFL parlays, precision is paramount, and one bettor proved their mastery with a treble parlay that defied the odds. Faced with three tightly contested matchups, this daring individual wagered $7,595 on their selections: Texans +3, Cowboys +1, and Vikings -1.5. With each point spread set at just three points or less, the margin for error was razor-thin but the Texans, Cowboys and Vikings all delivered, covering the spread as predicted. In the end, this sizeable bet was a winner and resulted in a $55,271 return.

#5. $52,740 (WON FROM $3,641)

Week 5 of the 2022 NFL season witnessed a bettor’s journey into NFL parlay immortality. This remarkable bet consisted of four moneyline selections (Bucs, Chargers, Saints, Titans) and one daring point spread pick, the Texans at +5.5. By the time Week 5 was over, this bettor’s $3,641 investment had turned into a sensational $52,740 payday. It’s a testament to the thrill of NFL parlay betting, where strategic insight and a little courage can yield big-time results.

#4. $62,930 (WON FROM $381)

Imagine turning just a few hundred dollars into more than $60,000 in cold, hard cash. That’s exactly what this Bovada sports bettor accomplished with this incredible eight-game NFL parlay back in 2019. The parlay was composed entirely of point spread bets, including both favorites and underdogs. While there were a few close calls along the way, all eight selections miraculously came through and this football fan walked away with a $62,930 payout off a measly $381 wager!


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#3. $73,288 (WON FROM $2,380)

Early in the 2018 NFL season, a bettor embarked on a wild journey with a calculated seven-game NFL parlay. They staked $2,380 on a combination of moneyline picks and point spread favorites in the hopes of getting lucky and striking it rich! As you can imagine, all seven predictions held true and this bet blew up into a huge $73,288 payout. It stands as a testament to the bettor’s acumen and the exhilarating possibilities that lie within the world of NFL parlay betting.

#2. $94,827 (WON FROM $878)

In another spectacular bet that unfolded during the 2018 NFL season, this 9-game parlay defied all expectations and changed the fortunes of one fortunate gambler. With a courageous $878 wager, this bettor took advantage of the many NFL betting markets available at Bovada Sportsbook and included both point spreads and over/unders. As each of the nine games unfolded, it became clear that something extraordinary was happening—the stars were aligning. One by one, each selection hit the mark, turning an $878 bet into a jaw-dropping payout of $94,827.

#1. $97,212 (WON FROM $252)

Finally, we have Bovada Sportsbook’s biggest ever winning NFL parlay. It was late in the 2020 season, a bettor dared to dream big, constructing a 12-game moneyline parlay, a feat most would consider nothing short of a pipe dream. With a mere $252 wager, this lucky individual set their sights on an ambitious quest, choosing winners from a dozen NFL matchups. The odds of such an endeavor coming to fruition seemed astronomical. Yet, like a winning lottery ticket, fate smiled upon them and this parlay transformed into a life-changing payout just shy of $100,000. This parlay stands to this day as the ultimate testament to the boundless potential within the world of NFL betting!