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Super Bowl LVIII is just days away and it’s the biggest game of the year for prop bets. Super Bowl Specials are our specialty at Bovada, and every year we offer our players hundreds of choices. From super-specific football wagers to fun and frivolous bets that anyone can get into, our Super Bowl Props are ready for action on and off the field. Read on for our 10 Best Super Bowl Props as the Kansas City Chiefs do battle with the San Francisco 49ers.


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Prop bets are not directly tied to the outcome of an event or game. A single player’s results, an award received after the game, and almost anything not related to traditional wagers can qualify as prop bets.

Props can cover the wildest of scenarios, and the 2024 Super Bowl has plenty of them to choose from. Especially since we have the first Taylor Swift Super Bowl, complete with prop bets just for her and her boyfriend, the Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce.


10. Number of times Taylor Swift is shown during the In-Game Broadcast?

The odds are set at -120 for an Over/Under of 5.5. Some football purists don’t like all the attention that Swift and her boyfriend Travis Kelce are getting, but they can now at least take a chance at profiting from all the exposure. Taylor might be flying in from Tokyo just ahead of kickoff, so if she has jet lag she might need to just shake it off… 

9. How many seconds will Taylor be shown for?

The O/U is 75 seconds, with oddsmakers clearly thinking that the Over is more likely. It’s +120 is you go with the Under here. Every time Taylor appears on camera at Super Bowl LVIII, people all over the country are going to be either groaning or grooving.

8. Taylor Swift and Jason Kelce to be Shown On-screen Kissing During Live Broadcast

This is a +10,000 prop. Read closely on this one, folks. It’s Jason, not Travis. Ok, enough Taylor talk

7. Coin Toss – What Team Will Win Coin Toss in Super Bowl 58?

An easy one for all your friends – football fans and those who are just there for the party – to get in on. This is -105 and applies to both teams equally (wouldn’t it be weird if it didn’t)?

6. Drake Curse – What team apparel Will Drake be Wearing on Super Bowl Sunday?

As far as curses go, this one is pretty legit. It touches multiple sports too. It started when Drake supported the Toronto Raptors in the 2013, and they’d lose big games whenever he was courtside in Raptors gear. Since then, Drake weighed in with Conor McGregor before Conor lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov, and he showed up supporting Serena Williams, the Golden State Warriors, and others who went on to lose soon after. The Chiefs are at -180 and the Niners +135 for the Drake Curse. Both teams might want to send him the other one’s jersey.


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5. What Color Liquid Will be Poured on the Winning Coach of Super Bowl 58?

The Gatorade pour is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It started off in 1984 with the New York Giants dousing their coach at the end of a Super Bowl victory. In recent years, a popular Super Bowl prop bet has been to guess which color of Gatorade will be dunked on the winning coach. Bovada’s odds on this range from +400 to +900, with a “no Gatorade will be poured” bet coming in at +2000. Pro tip: Blue has been the most frequently poured since 2015, but Purple popped out last year.

4. First TV Advertisement

It’s not the Super Bowl if we’re not also talking about the Super Bowl Ads. Companies spend big bucks – reportedly $7 million for a 30-second ad spot this year – to capture a massive audience. You can bet on a whole bunch of companies too, from beer to cookies to travel, etc. Oddsmakers have given Uber Eats the slight edge over all the others, as people are primed to stock up for their Super Bowl parties.

3. How Long Will it Take Reba McEntire to Sing the US National Anthem?

Country music star Reba McEntire gets the honor of singing the Super Bowl National Anthem this year, and people are hard at work scanning her past works to see if they can get an edge on this fun prop bet. The Over/Under is currently at 1 minute, 28 seconds, with the Under paying a premium at +115. Like the Coin Toss prop bet, the National Anthem can set the tone for the rest of a player’s luck well before the kickoff.

2. Will any word be forgotten or omitted from the National Anthem?

For those fans who think the Reba might have lost a step as she nears her 70’s, they might want to put some action on this prop bet. Nerves can get the better of anyone on this global stage. Then again, could the Queen of Country really get tripped up singing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? Ain’t much of a chance, but shoot, partner, who knows?

1. Super Bowl MVP

It seems only right that we include at least one actual football-related prop bet in our Top 10 Super Bowl Props. And the MVP trophy is a big deal. Traditionally, quarterbacks have taken this award home but non-QBs have won it as well. Twenty-six times in 57 years, as a matter of fact. For Super Bowl 58, San Francisco’s running back Christian McCaffrey has the best non-QB odds at +475. For those who like longer odds, Kansas City’s defensive stars Nick Bosa and Chris Jones are at +7,500 and +10,000 respectively. Either of these two could rack up sacks and a fumble recovery and change the outcome of the game.

Super Bowl LVIII props are a great way to enjoy every second of the entire Super Sunday experience.