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March Madness is one of the most anticipated sporting events of the year with millions of spectators tuning in throughout the tournament. Alongside enjoying the slam dunks and 3 pointers, many also enjoy the betting action when it comes on March Madness. Ahead of the 2022 NCAA Men’s Division I College Basketball Tournament, let’s take a look back at the top 10 biggest March Madness bets won in history at Bovada Sportsbook.

10. $9,000 won from $450 (+2200)

In 2019, the Virginia Cavaliers won the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament for the first time ever. The Cavaliers were available at a tasty +2200 to win the tournament before March Madness began and one user had wagered $450 on them at these odds.

9. $10,000 won from $1,250 (+800)

The Baylor Bears were crowned the NCAA Champions in 2021 after beating the Gonzaga Bulldogs 86-70 in the final. Prior to the tournament tipping off, the Bears were available at +800 to win the Championship title. One Bovada user placed $1,250 on this selection winning a lovely $10,000.

8. $10,000 won from $833 (+1200)

Prior to being available at +800, the Baylor Bears were available at +1200 to win March Madness. Not one, not two, not three but four different bettors placed $833 on them at this price securing each of them $10,000!

7. $10,400 won from $1,300 (+800)

Once again, this winning bet was also for the Baylor Bears to win the NCAA Men’s Division I College Basketball Tournament (+800). However for this particular bet the user wagered $1,300, meaning once the tournament concluded, they had won themself $10,400.

6. $12,000 won from $2,000 (+600)

It seems as though the Baylor Bears to win the 2021 March Madness were a popular choice… at number 6 in the list, we have a user that won $12,000 from this selection. This time around, the user wagered $2,000 on the Bears to win the tournament when they were +600.

5. $12,100 won from $550 (+2200)

Similarly to number 10 in our biggest March Madness bet wins list, this bettor also selected the Cavaliers to win the 2019 tournament at +2200. This bettor placed $550 on the selection and so, after Virginia took home the trophy, this user took home an amazing $12,100.

4. $12,500 won from $250 (+5000)

Coming in at number 4, we have an astonishing +5000 bet winner! Ahead of the 2014 March Madness, the UCon Huskies were an astounding +5000 to win the NCAA Men’s I College Basketball Tournament. Despite the odds being against them, they went on to be victorious securing one user $12,500 from a $250 stake!

3. $13,200 won from $400 (+3300)

Kicking off the top 3 biggest winning March Madness bets at Bovada, we have a +3300 winner. The selection is actually the same as No. 4, however, the odds had reduced from +5000 to +3300. Although the bettor might be unfortunate to have missed the bet when the odds were higher, there won’t be much complaining from their side as they still managed to win $13,200 from $400.

2. $22,500 won from $5,000 (+450)

The second biggest March Madness winning bet in history was in 2018 when the Villanova Wildcats won the tournament. Before the 2018 NCAA Men’s I College Basketball Tournament began, the Wildcats were +450 to win the Championship. For this winning bet, one user placed $5,000 for the Wildcats to win the Championship securing themself $22,500.

1. $36,996 won from $8,705 (+425)

The biggest March Madness bet ever won at Bovada Sportsbook was for a staggering $36,996. You won’t be surprised to hear that the selection was for the Baylor Bears to win the 2021 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament; a re-occurring selection throughout our top 10 list… For the number 1 spot, this Bovada user placed an $8,705 wager on them to win the tournament whilst they were +425, securing a huge $36,996 in winnings. Wow!


All of these March Madness bets were won at Bovada Sportsbook. 

There we have the top 10 biggest March Madness bets won in history at Bovada Sportsbook. If you are looking to bet on the upcoming tournament, then be sure to sign up to Bovada first. Once you have a Bovada account created, you can then start with March Madness betting yourself! If you need any betting help or tips, then head on over to our March Madness betting guide! Perhaps you are looking for more March Madness articles to enjoy? Have a read of our Top 5 March Madness Moments In History.