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Step up to the plate and get ready for a grand slam of betting excitement, because we’re about to unveil the jaw-dropping top 10 biggest winning MLB bets of all time at Bovada Sportsbook. From massive moneyline wagers to some rewarding run lines and over/unders, these MLB bets broke the bank and led to some huge payouts!

Baseball has always been a game of passion and precision, where anything can happen in the blink of an eye. When you combine that with the adrenaline-pumping world of sports betting, the possibilities become truly mind-boggling. Placing real-money bets on America’s favorite pastime is the fastest way to ramp up the excitement on the baseball diamond.

At Bovada, we’ve witnessed some of the most incredible moments in MLB history, not just on the field, but also within the confines of our online sportsbook. From nail-biting comebacks to jaw-dropping upsets, these Bovada’s baseball bettors swung for the fences, and boy, did they knock it out of the park! We’re talking about life-changing sums of money that have turned regular fans into overnight legends.


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Prepare to be blown away as we unveil Bovada’s 10 biggest winning MLB bets of all-time. These bets weren’t just singles or doubles; they were towering home runs that sent shockwaves through the betting world. So settle in as we take you on a journey through these incredible baseball betting triumphs!

10. $12,500 to win $64,068

A great aspect of live MLB betting is the ability to keep topping up your bet whenever the odds are in your favor. This bettor placed an additional $12,500 on Miami when the live moneyline odds jumped up to +492 mid-game. The end result was another $64,068 in winnings.

9. $10,000 to win $65,000

The standard run line when betting on MLB is 1.5, but you can always select a larger spread if you’re looking to boost the potential payout. That’s exactly what this one bettor did when he wagered $10,000 on the Arizona Diamondbacks -5.5 runs over the Colorado Rockies. By increasing the run line, this bettor was able to boost the betting the odds to +550. Arizona ended up winning the game 6-0, resulting in an impressive $65,000 payout!

8. $11,500 to win $73,214

If doubling down on a winning bet is a good idea, then tripling down must be even better! At least that was the strategy of this courageous MLB bettor, when he placed his third live bet of the game, banking on Miami coming back to defeat the Reds. This time the live moneyline odds jumped all the way up to +534, earning the Bovada user an additional $61,714 off an $73,214 wager.

7. $15,000 to win $75,000

While the Padres trailed the Dodgers throughout most of the 2022 MLB season, that didn’t stop this one bettor from making some good money on San Diego. With the Padres listed as +400 in this July matchup between the two NL West rivals, the Bovada bettor risked $15,000 on the underdogs. Despite playing on the road, San Diego ended up doubling up the Dodgers 4-2 and winning this bettor $75,000 from his $15K investment.

6. $13,640 to win $75,030

With Bovada’s live betting feature, it’s never too late to place some bets on an MLB game. Just ask this one bettor, who took the Miami Marlines moneyline live at +450 to defeat the Cincinnati Reds. Despite trailing several times throughout the game, the Marlins managed to pull off the comeback by winning 7-6, earning this bettor a huge $75,030 payout.

5. $12,500 to win $87,500

Next sport on our list of biggest winning baseball bets goes to this fearless bettor took home a huge payday early on in the 2022 MLB season. By placing a $12,500 bet on the Kansas City Royals to beat the Texas Rangers at an increased run line of -4.5, they were able to get +600 odds on the game. It was a stress-free win for this lucky Bovada bettor, as the Royals upset the Rangers by a score of 8-2, resulting in a massive $87,500 payout!

4. $40,000 to win $96,000

Moneyline wagers are a great way to avoid the run line when betting on MLB. With these bets, the margin of victory is irrelevant – as long as your team wins the game, you’re a winner! Just ahead of the 2020 MLB Playoffs, one user placed a massive $40,000 moneyline wager on the St. Louis Cardinals to defeat the San Diego Padres in Game 1 of the NLWC. With the Cardinals’ betting odds at +140, their 7-4 victory over the Padres resulted in a $96,000 payday for this brave Bovada bettor.

3. $40,000 to win $101,000

Not long after the start of the 2022 MLB regular season, the New York Mets travelled cross-country to take on the Los Angeles Dodgers. With New York available at +153 on the moneyline, at least one Bovada bettor was able to cash in on the Mets with a $40,000 wager on the road team. When it was all said and done, the Mets proved victorious and won this savvy baseball bettor just over $101,000.

2. $60,000 to win $120,000

This user went with a moneyline play, betting on the Milwaukee Brewers at even money to beat the Cincinnati Reds. They must have been fairly confident in the Brewers as they risked an even $60,000 on this bet. In the end, Milwaukee won by a score of 5-1, earning this Bovada bettor a tidy $60,000 in profits, totaling a $120,000 payout

1. $68,970 to win $128,970

Totals betting is another great way to add some extra excitement to your MLB action. It doesn’t matter which team wins the game; all that you care about is the total number of runs scored. During the 2022/23 seasons, one avid gambler placed a colossal $68,970 wager on a matchup between the Tampa Bay Rays and Boston Red Sox staying under the 9-run total (-115) set by odds makers. The game’s final score was 6-2, staying just below the total and leading to nearly $130,000 in winnings.