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Politics Betting Biggest Wins

In a world where politics can be as unpredictable as the flip of a coin, predicting election outcomes and major political events might seem like tall task. Yet, at Bovada Sportsbook, betting on real-life political results can lead to some of your most incredible and rewarding moments as a gambler. With high-stake elections and constant media coverage, betting on real-world politics is a great way to add some extra excitement to the democratic process!

Whether it’s the intense elections in the United States or the political rollercoasters abroad, Bovada bettors have embraced the adrenaline rush that comes with putting their predictions to the test. From nail-biting presidential races to Donald Trump specials, every political event is a golden opportunity for you to strike gold.

Imagine the euphoria of predicting a surprising underdog victory, or the exhilaration of foreseeing a historical political shift that sends shockwaves through the world. The thrill of backing your intuition with cold, hard cash and watching your predictions unfold in real-time is unlike any other!

In this article, we’ll reveal the 10 biggest winning political bets in the history of Bovada Sportsbook. Continue reading as we dive into some of the gripping tales behind our biggest winners and get ready for a riveting journey through the electrifying world of political betting!

#10. $33,033 WON FROM $6,006

America’s presidential election may get the most attention, but Bovada offers many other options for betting on US politics. In this wager from the 2018 US Senate Election, a political bettor wagered just over $6K on there being exactly 53 republican senate seats following that year’s midterms. This bet came with +450 odds, giving the potential for a huge return. When the dust cleared and the results were in, this bettor earned an impressive $33,033 return on his $6K investment.

#9. $38,250 WON FROM $15,000

When it comes to betting on politics, timing is everything. With the political winds shifting all the time, it’s important to give yourself the opportunity to grab the best betting odds available. That’s exactly what this Bovada bettor did during the 2020 US Presidential Election, waiting for Biden’s betting odds to rise to +155 before locking in their $15K wager. This resulted in a $38,250 payout with over $23K in profits!

#8. $42,112 WON FROM $23,615

Many Americans weren’t sure what to expect from the 2020 US Presidential Election, with Democratic candidate Joe Biden looking to usurp Republican president Donald Trump. Having said that, there were a number of Bovada bettors who saw the writing on the wall, like this gambler who wagered $23,615 on Biden to win the election. With the betting odds at -125, the end result was a $42,112 payout for this brave Biden bettor.


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#7. $42,247 WON FROM $23,709

One of the perks associated with political betting is that it comes with tons of betting options. Instead of betting on a specific candidate, some gamblers prefer to put their money on a political party. That was the case for this big winner, who bet $23,709 on the Democratic Party winning the 2020 US Presidential Election. With the Dems pulling out the victory that year, this lucky gambler cashed in on $42,247 in winnings!

#6. $48,701 WON FROM $26,906

This political bettor must have been confident in the outcome of that 2020 election, as they wagered just under $27K on Joe Biden to win and become the 46th president of the United States. With the payout odds for this bet listed at -125, Biden’s eventual victory not only led to a new leader of the free world, but it also meant a $48,701 payout for this savvy gambler.

#5. $50,479 WON FROM $17,089

Another feature in our list comes from another gambler who backed Joe Biden on his path to the White House. By betting just over $17K on Biden to win at +140 odds, this political aficionado took home a total payout of $50,479. Do the math and you’ll end up with a surplus of $33,390. Not bad for a day’s work!

#4. $50,875 WON FROM $18,500

There was a ton of movement in the betting odds leading up to the 2020 US Presidential Election. With major headlines swinging the vote on a daily basis, this sharp gambler managed to place an $18,500 wager on Joe Biden to win the election at +175. Getting in on the political betting excitement at precisely the right time, this Bovada bettor benefited from these great odds and took home more than $50K, including $32,375 in profits!


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#3. $90,771 WON FROM $60,514

Unlike betting on sports, politics betting has real-world implications and the outcome holds the power to shape history as we know it. This bettor must have felt a rush of adrenaline watching Joe Biden win the 2018 US Presidential Election, as they placed a massive $60,514 bet on Biden to win. The bet came with -200 odds and by the time the polls had closed, it resulted in a huge payout totaling $90,771.

#2. $100,000 WON FROM $66,667

In the context of politics betting, greater risk means greater rewards. Just ask this courageous gambler who bet a staggering $66,667 on Joe Biden to win the 2020 US Presidential Election. It takes strong nerves to place a bet of this size, but it can also lead to some incredible wins. Despite the betting odds being -200 at the time of the wager, the bet cashed and led to this gambler winning a life-changing $100,000 payout.

#1. $100,000 WON FROM $66,667

If one six-figure payout wasn’t enough, how about another? While the amounts are the same as the previous entry on this list, this particular wager from the 2020 US Presidential Election was not on Biden but on the Democratic Party. Assigned the same -200 betting odds, this $66,667 bet led to the exact same $100K Payout.