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As a beginner at online poker, there is a lot of information to take in all at once; for some players, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are a number of tricks to learn along the way that will help you to round your game into form. This article from Bovada Poker will review some of the best online poker tips for beginners and hopefully lead to you winning some nice payouts at our real money tables.


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  1. Understand the Rules

This may sound like an obvious piece of advice, but far too many beginners are in a hurry to play online poker before fully understanding the game’s rules. For starters, be sure you know the poker-hand rankings from top to bottom. Bovada has a ton of great poker resources available and can provide you with the answers to all of your poker questions.

  1. Choose the Right Game

Bovada has a wide range of options when it comes to playing poker; from No Limit to Omaha, cash games to tournaments, STT’s, MTT’s, Heads-Up and more. With so many options to choose from, make sure you pick the game type that’s best for your own style of play and budget. This may take some trial and error but should help you to discover which games you like best.

  1. Walk Before You Run

It may be tempting for beginner players to try their hand in a high-limits game, but that can be a costly mistake. The general rule of thumb is that the higher the stakes, the better the players, so you may want to start with some lower-limit games when starting out. If you don’t feel ready for real money poker, you can also play for free and simply practice until you’re more comfortable.

  1. Play Your Position

Beginner poker players are often so focused on their cards that they forget to pay attention to their position at the table. The later in the hand you’re forced to act, the better the position. This is the reason why poker players tend to be more aggressive when on the button, as this is a position of strength since being last to act means getting to see how everyone else in the hand plays first.

  1. Learn the Odds

The odds of probability are a major part of poker. The better you understand poker odds, the easier it will be to make a big call or lay down a hand. By learning about pot odds, as well as how many outs you have in flush draws and other common scenarios, you’ll be in a much better position to make a decision on a given hand.

  1. Boost Your Bankroll

If you’re a beginner poker player who’s new to Bovada, make sure you take advantage of the $500 Poker Welcome Bonus. This special promotion is available to all new players and provides a 100% Match on your initial Bovada deposit for up to $500 in bonus money. This bonus is a great way to boost before hitting the felt at one of Bovada’s poker tables.

  1. Be Careful Bluffing

We’ve all seen impressive bluffs in the best gambling movies or watching your favorite poker professionals at the WSOP, but beginners should be very careful not to try this strategy too often. It’s very easy in online poker to simply act strong and bluff at pots, but things can go wrong in a hurry if your opponent calls and you don’t have the cards to back it up.

  1. Don’t Rush

Many beginners often feel pressured when playing their first real money poker game and tend to rush when it’s their turn to act. Just remember that poker is a friendly game and each player is allowed a reasonable amount of time, so simply focus on the hand in front of you and don’t rush your decisions.

  1. Study Your Opponents

Even in online poker, it’s always important to watch your opponents closely and try to pick up some of their habits and tendencies. Whether it’s focusing on their reaction time, their bet amounts or any other type of online behavior, keeping an eye on how your opponent plays is a great way to gain an advantage on the table and win some big pots.

  1. Limit Your Hands

Everyone likes seeing cards and it can be tough to lay down your hand before the flop, but it’s important to limit the amount of hands you’re calling as this can diminish your chip stack very quickly. While it’s true in theory that any two cards in the deck can win a hand, you don’t want to spend your entire bankrolling calling 7-2 or another hand with little chance of success.


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It can take some time to get comfortable and find success playing poker online, but hopefully these tips for playing poker will help you to get started. You can become a winning poker player by simply following the advice in this article and putting in the time at the tables. Visit Bovada Poker and get in the game today!