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The hugely anticipated Game of Thrones prequel, House of the Dragon, is almost here. With a release date set for August 21, 2022, the action is not far away. To add to the thrills and excitement when you are watching the Targaryen-based TV series, we have created this House of the Dragon Character Chart for you to enjoy!


Download your House of the Dragon Character Chart here!

How To Play

The aim of the game is super simple, you are predicting which episode each character will die or if they are going to survive. Here’s how to play in:

  1. Download the House of the Dragon character chart using the button above.
  2. Once the PDF document opens, print out as many copies as you need (it’s free) and hand them around to your friends/family.
  3. For each character, tick the box for what episode you think they will meet their fate or if they are going to survive.
  4. As you watch each House of the Dragon episode, have your character chart ready to mark off if your predictions were correct or not.
  5. After House of the Dragon season 1 concludes, count-up how many correct predictions you made… whoever correctly predicted the most, wins!

That’s it! The Bovada House of the Dragon Character Sheet is a super fun activity to enjoy with fellow Westeros fans.

If you are playing on your own, you can fill in your predictions on your PC. On your PC/laptop, once you open the PDF, simply click inside any of the boxes and type in the box you wish to make your prediction for! Save the document once completed or print it out to have with you when watching House of the Dragon!

Bet On House of the Dragon Season One

Are you feeling confident in your selections? If so, at Bovada you can bet on who you think is going to die in series one of House of the Dragon! You can view all of the latest odds for each character at Bovada’s House of the Dragon characters betting page!

That’s not all… there are other betting markets for you to enjoy too. Head on over to the House of the Dragon betting market at Bovada to be able to view all of the latest odds! To learn how to bet on House of the Dragon, check out our HOTD Season One betting guide.


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