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Top 10 Super Bowl Commercials of All-Time
At this time last year, the National Retail Federation held a poll asking people why they were going to watch Super Bowl XLIX between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. Fewer than half (46.8%) said it was for the football. Nearly half (41.3%) wanted to watch the commercials with their friends and family. The remaining 11.9% wanted to watch Katy Perry. Don’t worry, Katy: Your halftime show generated 118.5 million viewers, four million more viewers than the game itself.


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What can I say, people love Super Bowl ads. They’re usually quite entertaining – and they’d better be, considering 30 seconds of airtime costs nearly $5 million. So with that in mind, here are my 10 favorite Super Bowl ads of all-time. Most of these will be from the 1990s or later, just because that’s when they really started cranking them out.

  1. Apple, “1984”
    This has to be the No. 1 ad of all time. For decades afterward, Apple was the “cool” brand. Now they’re Big Brother. It’s a funny old world.
  2. Budweiser, “Which Game?”
    Anytime people of a certain age meet, the sound of “WASSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUP” can be heard echoing across the landscape.
  3. Coca-Cola, “Hey Kid, Catch!”
    An iconic pop culture moment like no other. Mean Joe Greene became more famous than the Pittsburgh Steelers themselves.
  4. McDonald’s, “Showdown”
    Nothing like watching Michael Jordan and Larry Bird playing an extreme game of HORSE. Nothing but net.
  5. Wendy’s, “Where’s the Beef?”
    Clara Peller made a novelty single based on this catchphrase. They even made a board game out of it.
  6. Xerox, “Monks”
    Monks, makin’ copies. This was 1977, so it was still something of a miracle to be able to print off 500 copies of anything.
  7. Honda, “Matthew Broderick’s Day Off”
    I wouldn’t say the Honda CR-V is particularly choice. It’s certainly not a Ferrari 250GT California, but still.
  8. Pepsi, “Bob Dole”
    Bob Dole doesn’t need any blue pills. Also, Bob Dole does backflips all the time when you’re not looking.
  9. E*Trade, “Wasted 2 Million”
    One of 17 “dot-com” ads to show during Super Bowl XXXIV in 2000. At least this company didn’t go busto.
  10. Miller High Life, “1-Second Ad”
    High Life!


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