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Anytime I need proof that somebody up there likes us, I think about Netflix. They’ve been streaming movies since 2007, which means I haven’t been to Blockbuster Video in almost a decade. No more late fees. No more overpriced Twizzlers. I must be in heaven.

At least I would be if they had The Hustler. But Netflix does have a small collection of decent-to-great movies for people who like a bit of a gamble in online casino or sportsbook. Here are four high-stakes films that I would recommend for your viewing pleasure.


All In: The Poker Movie

Moving along to the documentary section, we have this 2009 film about the poker boom, which was still a thing back then. Don’t worry, it’s coming back. This movie won Best Documentary at the CineVegas International Film Festival. Watch for appearances by Annie Duke, Chris “Jesus” Ferguson and Howard Lederer.

Casino Jack

Casino Jack

Kevin Spacey stars in this 2010 flick about Washington, DC lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who made a boatload of money (over $85 million, with the help of his partner) off Native American casino interests in the mid-2000s. Spoiler alert: Abramoff didn’t make all that money honestly. He wound up pleading guilty to multiple charges, including mail fraud and tax evasion.

Killing ThemSoftly

Killing Them Softly

Here’s a lovely film from 2012 that got nominated for a Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival. Jackie (Brad Pitt) is a hitman hired to kill three people who rob a high-stakes poker game in Boston. Turns out that game was protected by the mob. Great soundtrack, and James Gandolfini’s in it. This kind of movie might have made boffo box office in the late ’90s – you know, before Netflix.


Rain Man

This 1988 film won Best Picture at the Oscars. Dustin Hoffman won Best Actor for his role as autistic savant Raymond Babbit, who ends up being taken by his brother Charlie (Tom Cruise) to Vegas to win some money at the blackjack tables. It’s a road movie. It’s brilliant.