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For those who somehow haven’t seen, the 94th Academy Awards was rather eventful; the Oscars awards were given out, hilarious speeches were made and Will Smith slapped Chris Rock across the face… big time. You heard that correct, Will Smith slapped Chris Rock.

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Whilst Chris Rock was presenting the Oscars , the comedian made a joke towards Jada Pinkett Smith by saying “Jada, GI Jane 2, can’t wait to see it.” The joke references the war movie GI Jane, that features Demi Moore, who’s character famously shaves her head. Rock’s comment takes aim at Jada Smith’s diagnosis with alopecia; a condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body.

Moments after the comment was made, Will Smith took to the stage to attack Chris Rock. He approached the comedian and landed a strong slap across Rock’s face, before turning around and heading back to his seat. As you might expect, both Rock and the audience were not sure exactly how to react. Was it all a joke? Was it all setup? Was the slap fake? It would appear not… Will Smith proceeded to sternly warn Rock “Keep my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth!” from his seat.

To no-one’s surprise, social media exploded. From jokes, to videos, to memes, everything you can think of was created… even boxing offers. That’s right, Jake Paul has offered Will Smith and Chris Rock $15 million each to have a boxing match against one another.

Whilst it might seem like Paul was joking at first, he then followed up with another tweet asking for the phone number for Will Smith’s boxing representative.

Given the recent celebrity boxing events that have taken place, e.g. Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather, it’s certainly not impossible for this fight to happen.

Safe to say it was indeed a very eventful night at the 2022 Oscars…

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Will Smith opens up as the favorite at -220, with Chris Rock coming in at +155.  When Will Smith slaps Chris Rock, Rock takes it really well and clearly he has a strong chin; perhaps this provides some good betting value in him?

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