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As the richest person on Earth, almost everyone has heard of Elon Musk. Running companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink and The Boring Company, Musk boasts a net worth of over $233 billion. For context, that’s more than double the total value of all 32 NFL teams combined or the amount you would win if you selected the correct number 1,334,857,143 times in a row with $5 bets on roulette… basically, it’s a lot.


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Given Musk’s unique mind-set and superintelligence, you never know what’s next in his plans. He’s already revolutionizing travel on Earth and in space, influencing the crypto world, developing ground-breaking technology and, most-recently, taking over the social-industry. What could be his next venture? Well, if you think you know, you can make yourself real money with some betting…

Elon Musk Betting Markets

At Bovada, you can bet on Elon Musk and his future business ventures. That’s right, we offer odds on Elon Musk. Let’s take a look at some of the markets that are available right now:

Will Elon Musk Have A Net Worth Of Over $300 Billion By January 1, 2023?

Yes +260

No -370

Will Elon Musk Buy Amazon In 2022?

Yes +2500

No -15000

Will Elon Musk Buy Instagram In 2022?

Yes +2500

No -15000

Will Elon Musk Buy Facebook In 2022?

Yes +2500

No -15000

Tesla (TSLA) Price At Market Close On January 2, 2023?

Over 658 USD +120

Under 658 USD -160

Who Will Be Ranked #1 On The Forbes Real Time Billionaires List On January 1, 2023?

Elon Musk -1000

Jeff Bezos +450

Bernard Arnault +900

Bill Gates +1600


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