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Big Brother 24 is set to premier on July 6, 2022! Once again, 16 contestants will be entering the Big Brother house in their bid to win the huge cash prize.


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Isolated from the outside world, the 16 houseguests, that have never met one another before, live with one another inside the Big Brother house. Evident in Big Brother history, 16 random people living together is a recipe for disaster, drama and plenty of action. The Big Brother house is rigged with dozens of HD cameras and microphones recording every move; viewers can enjoy every moment and every detail. To add to the excitement of the show, with Bovada you can bet on Big Brother Season 24!

Big Brother 24 Odds

There are plenty of Big Brother 24 betting markets available at Bovada Sportsbook, but let’s take a look at some of the most popular bets:

Gender Of Winner

Male -120

Female -120

As you might expect, this straightforward market is the most popular. You are simply placing a bet on if the winner of the show will be male or female.

Will The Winner Receive All The Final Votes Odds?

Yes +250

No -400

For this market, you are betting on if the Big Brother winner will receive all of the votes or not. There have only ever been two winners to win unanimously.

Days Spent In The House By The Winner

Over 90.5 -105

Under 90.5 -135

Big Brother doesn’t have a fixed number of episodes or days that it will run for; every winner spends a different number of days in the house. Here, you can bet on the amount of days the Big Brother Season 24 will spend in the house… over or under 90.5 days?

Houseguest To Walk-Out By Episode 5

Yes +2500

Sometimes houseguests enter the Big Brother house underestimating what they are getting themselves into. On some occasions, members of the cast can decide to walk-out and leave the show off their own back. Do you think someone will walk-out by episode 5?

Houseguest To Be Evicted By Production By Episode 5

Yes +3300

Similarly, houseguests can be ejected from the show by the production team. This is often due to a participant breaking one of the Big Brother rules.

Houseguest To Stage Their Own Funeral?

Yes +5000

For what will forever be remembered as an iconic moment in the show, during Big Brother Season 14, Dan Gheesling hosted his own funeral. 10 seasons later, will someone do the same?

Person To Climb Over The Walls Of The Big Brother House?

Yes +10000

It might surprise you to hear that someone climbing over the walls of the Big Brother house is not exactly uncommon. In fact, across Big Brother and Big Brother UK it’s happened on numerous occasions over the years. If it happens again this season, you could score yourself a lovely payday.


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