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As the leading online crypto casino in the US, Bovada is the best place for crypto gambling and gives you access to hundreds of popular crypto casino games. Bovada lets you gamble with a number of prominent cryptocurrencies; in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Bovada also accepts crypto deposits in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV (BSV), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and USD Tether (USDT).

When you make a crypto deposit at Bovada, your funds are immediately exchanged into USD so you won’t have to worry about any drops in the coin’s value. Online betting with a popular cryptocurrency like Bitcoin (BTC) is a great way to add some extra excitement to your gambling action. These digital currencies are extremely safe and can be used in a variety of ways, none more beneficial than online betting.

As a relatively new innovation, you may have some pressing questions about gambling with a cryptocurrency and how it works at Bovada. Keep reading to learn more about crypto and discover some of the most frequently asked questions about betting with a digital currency.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a form of digital currency that is used in a manner similar to most real-world currencies, only it doesn’t have a physical form. Instead, cryptocurrencies are created using coded data managed in peer-to-peer networks called blockchains. When learning about cryptocurrency, it’s important to note that most crypto coins are decentralized, meaning they’re not reliant on a bank, government or any other type of centralized authority. The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency provides users with greater autonomy and allows for improved financial freedom.  

What Was The First Cryptocurrency?

Although there were many attempts to create a viable cryptocurrency prior, the first established cryptocurrency was Bitcoin. Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and has since become the most popular and most valuable cryptocurrency.


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What Are Crypto Wallets?

Crypto Wallets are used to store your cryptocurrency keys and give you access to your digital assets and currencies. They contain a public key, the wallet’s address and, private keys needed to sign cryptocurrency transactions.

Is Crypto Safe To Use?

Yes. Cryptocurrency is safe to use and is especially reliable when it comes to online betting. This is a frequently asked question for many people when first introduced to the world of crypto, yet these digital currencies are accepted and used by many established organizations across the globe. Thanks to the ease of use and incomparable levels of security, crypto has become a favorable choice of currency to many.

By storing your crypto in a digital wallet, the data will not be stored on a server like a regular bank account. As a result, someone would need access to your personal device and password for access. All cryptocurrency transactions are documented with a unique address on the blockchain, which serves as a ledger for all crypto transactions. On top of that, no personal information is stored on the ledge (only the crypto address from both the sender and receiver) and there’s also a verification process to ensure that all transactions are 100% secure.  

What Can Crypto Be Used For?

As more of the world begins to embrace crypto, we are seeing a growing number of uses for these digital currencies. When crypto first began gaining traction in the mainstream, it was often viewed as an investment vehicle – the value of many crypto coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum quickly skyrocketed and made a lot of money for the people who got in early. With thousands of cryptocurrencies now available for trading at online exchanges, these digital currencies continue to be a viable long-term investment.

Another popular use for cryptocurrency is to pay for online purchases. With an increasing number of countries now open to crypto transactions, there are many online websites that will allow you to pay for your purchases using widely-accepted cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This trend is likely to continue as more nations and businesses embrace modern crypto technology.

As explained above, a range of cryptocurrencies can be used at Bovada for online sports betting, playing at our online casino or enjoying online poker! As a matter of fact, depositing and withdrawing with crypto at Bovada is the best option; it’s faster, there’s no fees and it’s guaranteed. If you aren’t already using crypto at Bovada, then be sure to learn how to deposit with Bitcoin and all the other accepted cryptos to get started.

How To Deposit With Crypto At Bovada?

Depositing with crypto at Bovada is fast, easy and secure. Simply follow the guide below to learn exactly how to deposit with cryptocurrency to being playing at Bovada.

What Are The Advantages Of Crypto At Bovada?

By making a deposit with Bitcoin or another accepted cryptocurrency at Bovada, you’ll get to enjoy a number of major benefits. Here are the top five advantages to using crypto at Bovada:

  • Faster Deposits – Deposit with Bitcoin and your funds will be exchanged into USD and available for real-money betting within just 60 seconds.
  • Zero Fees – Bovada doesn’t charge any additional fees when making a deposit with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash, making it one of the best deposit methods available.
  • Bigger Bonuses – Bovada has a number of great bonus offers and these bonuses get even bigger when you deposit with Bitcoin.
  • Guaranteed Deposits – With a 100% success rate, you’ll never have to worry about your Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash deposit being declined.
  • Faster Withdrawals – A Bitcoin withdrawal takes just 15 minutes; this is the quickest option for withdrawing your winnings at Bovada.


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Check out Bovada’s full list of crypto-related FAQ’s to learn more about betting with Bitcoin and the other accepted cryptocurrencies. If you are new to Bovada, then be sure to sign up today and claim your crypto casino welcome bonus. Once you create an account, you can enjoy indulging in some crypto gambling.