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This article was written by Twitch streamer and content creator, GubbaTV! Be sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram!

August 2023 was like a wild roller coaster ride in the world of cryptocurrencies, with lots of cool stuff happening that changed the game. Imagine a mix of superheroes and science experiments – that’s how the crypto world is evolving crazy fast!

Money Goes Digital with a Twist

Imagine if your piggy bank could talk and do tricks. Well, that’s kind of what happened in August 2023. Big-shot banks from different places, like the USA, Europe, and China, got together to work on making their own digital money called Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). It’s like regular money but in computer form! They’re hoping these digital coins will make money “stuff” easier for everyone and help them do money magic.


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Finance Gets a Makeover

Think of Finance like a cool puzzle, and in August 2023 a piece of that puzzle, called Decentralized Finance (DeFi), shot up like a rocket. It’s like if your piggy bank could connect with other piggy banks without a boss piggy bank in charge. This DeFi thing got even bigger and better, breaking records. It’s like having a money adventure park where you can borrow, lend, and make your money grow in magical ways.

Art Gets Superpowers, but Not Alone

NFTs, which started as digital art’s superhero sidekick, decided they wanted to save more than just paintings. In August 2023, NFTs showed up in places like real estate (super fancy houses), music (concerts you can keep forever), and even video games. So, it’s like turning things into special digital tokens you can trade. Gamers even got the chance to play games and earn digital treasures, like earning gold coins in a game that’s real.


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Crypto Rules Get a Serious Upgrade

Just like how the school has rules to keep everything in order, the crypto world needed some rules too. In August 2023, countries decided to put some new rules in place to make sure everyone plays fair; the USA made sure Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and Security Token Offering (STO) follow the law. Europe decided to fight money sneakiness and make things more clear. All these changes are like putting up road signs so people can drive safely in the crypto world.

The August 2023 crypto ride had everything from new digital money tricks to money adventures without bosses, and even art and games joining the superhero team. If you’re a fan of crypto or want to be part of the action, just remember – it’s like staying updated on your favorite game, and learning the rules to play like a champ!