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With a new year on the horizon, it’s a good time to take stock of everything we’ve learned about strategic casino play and apply it to 2023. Whether that’s picking out the best deposit method, or targeting games with the lowest house edge, we’ve got something for everyone in the following list of eight online casino tips to use at Bovada Casino. May it lead you towards big wins in 2023.


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#1 – Keep an Eye on Hot Drop Jackpots

The biggest additions to our online casino in 2022 were Hot Drop Jackpot slots. These took progressive jackpots and made them more predictable by adding timeframes or limits that they have to adhere to. Two of the three hot drop jackpots follow timeframes; one drops daily while the other drops hourly. The third hot drop jackpot has a maximum dollar value that it must drop by. The closer a jackpot is to its limit, the better your odds are of winning it. At press time, we have seven Hot Drop Jackpot slots for you to choose from on our Hot Drop Jackpot page. You can compare them and target the ones with the “hottest” jackpots.

#2 – Try the Gamble Feature in Slots

There’s no faster way to win big than by doubling your payout—and that’s exactly what you get to try to do with the Gamble features found in certain slot games. These intriguing features are available following every winning spin; they give you an opportunity to put your winnings on the line in a simple game of luck, such as guessing the suit color of a randomly-drawn card. Most double-or-nothing rounds are 50-50 with no house edge, making them excellent bets in the slot world. If you successfully double your payout, you can choose to try to double again, or return to the base game.

 An example of a game with a Gamble feature is A Night With Cleo.


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#3 – Try Craps and Blackjack for the Lower House Edge

Games with a lower house edge get you more playing time for your dollar. Table games in general have a lower house edge than slots, and Blackjack and Craps have the lowest house edge of them all. The easier of the two to learn is blackjack, which pits you against the dealer, and has you both attempt to build the bigger hand, while trying staying under 22 points. To perfect your blackjack game, all you need to do is find a basic blackjack strategy chart and follow the recommendations. Alternatively, you could always play our Live Dealer Early Payout Blackjack, which comes with software that highlights the best move according to basic strategy as you play.

Craps is a bit harder to learn how to play, but it does offer a bet with zero house edge attached called the odds. You’ll need to make some preliminary bets to get access to the “free” bet, but it’s worth it. Once you do, it’s worth putting down the max bet on the odds. One thing to keep in mind about Craps is that it doesn’t contribute to rollover requirements for promotional bonuses.

#4 – Try Slots With Higher RTPs

On the same note as seeking out Craps and Blackjack for the lower house edge, you can likewise search through slots to find ones with a higher Return to Player (RTP). The greater the RTP, the more you can expect to get back from your bets in the forms of payouts. One game with a higher-than-average RTP is Jungle Jam, which boasts a 97.25% RTP—in addition to being an awesome game.

#5 – Practice Sound Bankroll Management

In order to support repeated gaming sessions, you must have sound bankroll practices in place. Taking a deposit and dividing it up into betting “units” is a popular one; you can bet one unit per round and finish the session when your pre-determined number of units have been used up. Resist the urge to chase losses or wins. You can always put in another session the next day.

#6 – Use Cryptocurrency as the Primary Transaction Method

No deposit/withdrawal method comes with as many benefits as cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin. Digital currencies give you access to the best promotions on the market, along with greater withdrawal and deposit limits, lower transaction fees and faster access to your cash. It’s the most advanced way to move money in and out of your Bovada account and one we endorse 100%. Let 2023 be the year of cryptocurrency at Bovada Casino.


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#7 – Don’t Underestimate the Value of Video Poker

If you only think of casino games as slots and table games, you’re missing out on an entire sect of games that could lead to big wins: video poker. This underrated casino gem has some of the best odds in the house, and lots of options to suit people with varying volatility tastes. Anyone who likes the predictable nature of low volatility games would do well playing Jacks or Better, while someone who likes the opposite would have a better time playing Double Double Bonus Poker. Wild card games are also available in the form of Joker Poker, which comes with 1, 3 or 10-hand variants.

#8 – Utilize Practice Play

One of the biggest benefits to playing in at Bovada Casino over a brick-and-mortar one is the availability of Practice Play as a training tool. Anytime you’re looking to play a new game, we recommend firing up a free trial using Practice Play first. This way you can learn how it works and see whether or not you like it before investing any of your bankroll. Then, when you switch over to Real Play, you’ll be able to hit the ground running instead of making costly beginner mistakes.


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