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Some casino games are easier than others. If you’re new on the scene, games like Craps and even Blackjack might be too intimidating to play, with all the rules and special terminology you need to learn. Roulette is not one of those games. You don’t need any special skills to play roulette; there’s no strategy (other than sound bankroll management) to learn, and the basic concept behind the roulette wheel is simple enough to understand.

Roulette still has rules, though, and if you want to play the game – either live or right here at Bovada Casino – you have to follow the rules. Here are some of the fundamentals you’ll need to know when you’re just starting out with Roulette; you can find out more by checking out our game description and FAQ list, along with our previous articles on this exciting pastime.

Roulette Basics

When you arrive at the roulette table, you’ll see the wheel itself, and you’ll also see the layout with the numbers 1-36, plus the single zero (0), and the double zero (00) if you’re playing American Roulette. You’ll also see some other spaces on the layout, like “Even” and “Odd.” This is where you place your bets. Put your chips (anywhere between the minimum and maximum bets for that table) on the appropriate spot; you can place your bets anytime until the dealer says “No more bets,” or “Rien ne va plus” if it’s a fancy casino that uses French terms.

Once the dealer has made her announcement, it’s time to pick a winner. The roulette ball will eventually stop at a certain number on the wheel, then the dealer will place a marker (known as a dolly) on the layout where that number is. Do not touch the layout or anything on it when the dolly is out. The dealer will then sweep away the losing bets (sometimes using a croupier’s rake), put the right amount of chips on the winning bets, and remove the dolly. Now you can scoop up your winnings and place more bets.

Knowing exactly where to place your bets is the trickiest part of the rules, since there are many different bets you can make. As a beginner, you’ll be most comfortable sticking with simple bets like Odd/Even or Red/Black; just put your chips in the middle of that square when it’s your turn. We recommend using the Practice Play mode at Bovada Casino to get familiar with the different bets and the rules that go with them. As they say, practice makes perfect.