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Fans of dice games and traditional Chinese games will rejoice with the addition of Roll the Dice at Bovada Casino. Inspired by Hoo Hey How, Roll the Dice is a quick and easy way to test your luck without having to learn complicated rules or memorize strategy charts. Simply pick the animation that speaks to you by dropping some chips on it, and let ‘em roll. The dice decide your fate.

The six animations you’re betting on include a Squash, a Coin, a Rooster, a Crab, a Prawn and a Fish. These images all appear on one side of each dice. If your bet shows up after the roll is complete, you win. It’s that easy. Single wins, where the item shows up once, get a 1:1 payout, Double wins, where the item shows up on two dice, get a 2:1 payout, and Triple wins, where the item shows up on all three dice, get a 3:1 payout.  All six of these animations are equal.

One betting option you won’t find on the dice is the Triple. Its betting square consists of three dice with matching results. Bet on the Triple and if the dice roll yields three matching icons, you win 30:1. It doesn’t matter which icons show up; any three will trigger the win if you bet the Triple at the start of the round.

How to Play Roll the Dice

A round of Roll the Dice begins with your bet. The animations are interactive, so as you click the squares, they move. After placing your bets, tap “Play” and the dice are placed under the bowl. You then proceed to drag or tap the bowl for a virtual rolling experience. Payouts are distributed as soon as wins are marked.

Roll the Dice can be played on your laptop, desktop, tablet, and smartphone, making it incredibly easy to play while on the go. See what icons bring you the most luck by rolling the dice at Bovada Casino today.