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We’re excited to announce the addition of a new version of everyone’s favorite poker table game, Let ‘Em Ride. The game is mobile-optimized and incredibly user-friendly, which boasts the same progressive jackpot that made the original so popular. We invite you to give it a try and see for yourself just how significant the upgrades are.


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The rules of the game are the same. You start by tossing an Ante bet on the virtual felt, and now you can do this from your phone, tablet, or laptop. Hit “Deal” to get your three-card hand, and then you choose between raising or checking. Two more cards will be added as community cards; although, with no opponents, they’re exclusively yours.

After the first round of raising or checking, the first community card is revealed. Your options once again, are to check or raise. You can raise by the same amount as your Ante bet. After the second round of raising or checking, the other community card is flipped over, giving you a five-card hand. Let ‘Em Ride uses the same hand rankings as Texas Hold’em, and you need at least a pair of Tens to get paid.

Double the Payouts with the Progressive Jackpot

How much you get paid depends on two things: your hand ranking and whether or not you opted for the progressive jackpot side bet. Basic pairs (must be at least Tens) pay 1:1, straights pay 5:1, and the royal flush pays 1,000:1. For a complete list of payouts see the game description.


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If you wound up with a flush or higher, you could be looking at a significantly higher return – if you tossed $1 on the side bet at the start of the round. The progressive jackpot is pot of cash that increases with each bet, and it builds into big sums, paying out only when people get the top-tiered hands. You need at least a flush to get a piece of that pie, and a royal flush will get you the whole pie. See how much of it you can get by playing Let ‘Em Ride at Bovada Casino today.