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Have you ever dreamed of being on a gameshow and walking away with big cash prizes? Well now you can play the popular game Plinko for real money at Bovada Casino. Just like the classic game seen on television gameshows, this online casino version of Plinko is tons of fun to play and gives you the chance to win some huge Plinko payouts, up to 1,000x your stake!


Play Plinko at Bovada Casino!

As an online casino game, Plinko will have you on the edge of your seat as you watch the balls fall towards their destiny. Unleash your inner thrill-seeker as you navigate a maze of anticipation, strategy and a sprinkle of luck, all while embracing the sheer joy that comes with every exhilarating drop in this unique casino game.

Whether you’re a seasoned casino player or new to the world of online gaming, Plinko promises an unparalleled experience filled with entertainment, exhilaration and big win potential. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and seize your chance to unlock a fortune? Test your luck in the exciting world of Plinko and watch closely as the gameshow action unfolds in front of your very eyes!

How to Play

Plinko is a unique casino game that lets fate determine the outcome. There’s no specific skill set needed to play and the rules are simple and easy to understand. Plinko is played by dropping a ball down a pyramid-shaped board with offset rows of pegs and watching it ‘plink’ its way down towards one of the pockets at the bottom. Each pocket has a different multiplier and wherever your ball lands will determine your winnings.

When it comes to the betting options, casino players must decide how much they want to risk on each ball. The minimum bet amount for Plinko is just $0.10 per ball, making it the perfect game for casino players that are new to online betting or who are playing with a limited bankroll. Plinko’s maximum bet amount goes all the way up to $20 per ball, giving high-stakes casino players the opportunity to win some massive payouts with just a little bit of luck! The betting amount can be adjusted by hitting the “+” and “-“ buttons, or you can speed things up by hitting the “Max” and “Min” buttons. 


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Every aspect of Plinko is meticulously crafted to transport you into a world where dreams can turn into reality with a single, well-placed drop. Inspired by the dazzling stage sets and pulsating energy of iconic gameshows, this online version of Plinko will make you feel like you’re a real live television contestant! As you take your place at the virtual Plinko board, you’ll feel the anticipation building with each flicker of the game’s stunning graphics.

The audio aspect to the Plinko casino game is equally exciting, as engaging sound effects and a lively soundtrack enhance your gaming experience. The catchy Plinko music envelopes you in the energy and excitement of a bustling gameshow studio, while the addictive sound of the balls plinking down the pyramid will sound like music to your ears! From the moment you hear the first cheerful jingle to the triumphant fanfare that celebrates your wins, the audio elements of Plinko complete the immersive experience.


While Plinko offers straightforward gameplay, there are a few options to consider before you begin dropping balls and plinking your way towards huge cash prizes. For starters, players can choose the number of lines in the pyramid. The minimum number of lines is 8, while the maximum goes all the way up to 16. The more lines included in the pyramid, the bigger the prizes on the outer pockets become, however this will also reduce the value of the prizes on the inner pockets. To adjust the number of lines in the pyramid, simply choose your preferred option on the Lines table found just to the right of the pyramid.

Another important option for Plinko players is the game’s Risk Level settings. By setting the game to Low Risk, the outer pockets will have lower value prizes but the inner pockets will have higher value prizes. On the flip side, setting the game to High Risk will result in larger outer values but lower inner ones. If you want to balance out these two options, you can always select Medium Risk for the best of both worlds.

Lastly, Plinko players have the option between releasing each ball manually or choosing to automate the entire process. Dropping the balls manually allows you to take control of the action and play at your own pace, while playing automatically leaves you hands-free to watch all of the excitement play out on screen. If you do choose to automate the process, you’ll need to decide how many balls you want to drop. The automatic play can be stopped at any time so you’re free to change the settings whenever you feel like switching things up!

Plinko Game Mechanics

  • The overall theoretical Return to Player (RTP) is 98.91% – 99.16%, depending on the player’s chosen strategy.
  • Malfunction voids all plays and pays.
  • All unfinished rounds will be terminated ever six hours.
  • If the game requires “Collect” – “Collect” will take place and the win from the round will be added to the player’s balance.
  • If the game requires action from a player, the result is counted assuming that the player has chosen the action with no risk without raising the initial bet. 

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