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What’s better than the classic game of Plinko? How about FIVE different versions of online Plinko games?

That’s right – Bovada Casino brings you the classic style of Plinko plus four other variations that each have their own unique style and brand of Plink-tastic fun.


Enjoy Plinko games at Bovada

Let’s check ‘em all out!


The original Plinko appeared on a game show (still does actually!) and generated a ton of buzz right away, becoming one of the most popular games of chance on TV.

When it made its way to Bovada’s screens, that popularity didn’t stop. Online Plinko at Bovada became an instant classic. It’s a great way to have some fun and unwind, with a chance to score some real cash prizes too. Up to 1,000 times your wager in fact!

The thrill of watching your Plinko balls tumble down towards a possible payday is a ton of fun, and with every drop, your chances start fresh.

While the balls drop randomly left and right, remember that it’s not all up to fate – you do have some factors under your control too.

First, you can control how much you want to bet on each drop. With a minimum bet of just $.10, you can get into the action and start plinking (technically not a word, but maybe it should be!).

You can also change the number of lines in play. If you want a quick Plinko drop, you can go with an 8-line game. The maximum number of lines, for maximum plinkage (again, not a word, but it works), is 16.

Next, you can select your risk level. Choose between Low, Normal, and High risk levels, and your potential winnings will adjust accordingly. The higher the risk, the bigger the potential win.

Finally, the drop. That fateful and fun moment when you decide to drop the ball and let the plinking begin. You can choose a manual drop and do it yourself, or go for the automated option and simply choose how many balls you want to play – the rest takes care of it itself!

As for win levels, the balls will fall into “inner” pockets – those in the middle of the board – or “outer” pockets, out on the edges. Just like in the classic version, online Plinko has higher chances of the ball ending up in the inner pockets, so the outer ones have a higher multiplier. The innermost pocket has a 0.5x multiplier, moving all the way to 5.6x on the farthest outer pockets.

Ok, we’ve covered the OG Plinko. Let’s have a look at the other variations!


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What happens if you take the fun and fortune from Plinko and turbocharge it?

You get PlinkoX!

With PlinkoX, you’ll find a number of super-sized changes to classic online Plinko. Instead of 1,000x your stake, PlinkoX features a massive 10,000x potential. How can this be?

Well, the balls themselves are supercharged, with pink, yellow, and red ones each coming with their own multiplier. Then you’ve got way more lines to play with, adding to the thrill with each plink of your balls dropping further down until they reach a pocket with a multiplier of up to 1,000!

And if you’ve got the need for speed, you can opt for playing in Turbo Mode, which drops your balls even faster toward their potentially powerful payouts.


With a different visual twist on the classic online Plinko, Wild Plinko gives you a fun retro feel that brings you right back to playing handheld video games with your friends in the backyard.

If you’re looking for a change of pace but still want the same easy vibes of potential 1,000x payouts of regular Plinko, you’ve found the place.

The “Wild” part is that sunny background and open field of grass that calls to mind carefree summer days with your buddies. Except now, your fun might get a wild boost as you hit the right pockets that pay out big time! And you increase your appetite for risk too.

As with regular Plinko, you can set your risk level to Low, Normal, or High, with bigger potential payouts the riskier you go. And if you really want to capture those freewheeling summer vibes of the past, you can select Auto mode and let Wild Plinko do all the heavy lifting (actually, just the dropping part).


If you’re looking for a slicker and sleeker version of Plinko, it’s Plinko Rush you’re looking for.

Featuring all the thrilling yet simple features of the original, Plinko Rush puts you into that Vegas state of mind. All with a bet size starting at only $0.15 too. Gold and silver features give it that extra polish while you plink.

And even though it follows the same name of the game as classic Plinko, we’ve given it a little boost. The multipliers at the bottom of the Plinko Rush pyramid are designed to give you a bigger boost, with up to 28x your bet on the outer pockets.


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With all the plinking of the original online Plinko, Easter Plinko comes with a few eggcellent additions.

Brightly colored eggs, flowers and a special appearance from the Easter Bunny all combine to make this game a visual treat.

As quickly as you might get into those Easter chocolates (we won’t tell), you can save this treat for yourself whenever you need a fun break from the everyday.

Tufts of grass replace the pegs from the original online Plinko, and instead of a regular old ball, you’ll be dropping eggs as they plink their way down to their eventual nest (aka pocket).

All the same wagers apply in Easter Plinko that you’ll see when playing Plinko itself, with up to 5.6x your wager on the outer pockets – er, nests. Depending on your wager, risk level, and the dropping of the eggs, you could win up to 1,000x your stake!

Ready to get plinking? Bovada’s Specialty Games are Bovada Casino are where you’ll find these Plinko versions and much more – enjoy!