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Are you part of Team Keno or Team Bingo? This could come down to whether you prefer the challenge of picking your own numbers, or the simplicity of being assigned cards with numbers already selected. Two of our most popular online bingo and keno variants, Keno Draw and Go-Go Bingo, provide an excellent opportunity to compare the two games. Despite the interface, customization options, and sound effects all being the same, there are some fundamental differences between these two lotto games. Find out which one’s for you.


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Extra Balls Feature

Only bingo gives you a last-chance to win payouts. It’s called the Extra Ball feature, and any time you’re one-number short from a winning line, you can purchase an extra ball, which gives you another number. Up to nine extra balls can be purchased per round, but the more you buy, the more expensive they become.

Single-Tasking vs. Multi-Tasking

When playing Go-Go Bingo, you’re given four cards for each round. There’s no option to play fewer cards per round. As a result, your attention is divided between the four 15-number cards. When playing Keno Draw, instead of getting four cards, you simply get numbers 1-80 and watch for single-number matches, making it easier to focus your attention. If you prefer multi-tasking, bingo may be your best bet.

Speed vs. Relaxation

When comparing Keno and Bingo, there’s definitely a difference in speed – even more so when you play live in a casino. Keno is the faster of the two games. When using Quick Pick or My Numbers, you could play roughly six games a minute. Bingo is supposed to be played at a more relaxing pace; however, when playing online, you can speed things up by clicking “Turbo” in Go-Go Bingo’s game settings.


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The most you can win when you play Keno online at Bovada Casino is $250,000. That’s a lot more than Go-Go Bingo’s $30,000-maximum payout for landing four Full Houses on a $20 wager. But keep in mind, bingo has a lower house edge than keno.

So what’s it going to be: keno or bingo? Both are available in the Specialty Games section of our casino for Real Play and Practice Play.