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Experience an array of heart-pounding moments with Crash Games at Bovada. From dragons to rockets to high-flying jets, our selection boasts some of the most thrilling adventures.

Engage in rounds filled with adrenaline rushes, where the decision to cash out before the crash adds to the excitement.

Discover the top 5 Crash Games awaiting you at Bovada Casino as we delve deeper into each exhilarating experience!


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#1 – Thundercrash

Six seconds to place your bet. Your palms are sweating. Do you go higher and reach for the stars? Or do you play it safe before you come crashing back to Earth?

Thundercrash became a hugely popular game as soon as we launched it, with an adrenaline rush for every level of risk-taker out there.

With a maximum $100,000 payout, the possible returns for Thundercrash are out of this world.

With a cool minimalist retro arcade design, you prep your spaceship with the bet amount you want and the cash-out value that you want to apply automatically – it’s where you’ll jump out before you go down with the spaceship.

Soon after that, you’ll take off! Your journey takes you past shooting stars and giant asteroids, climbing higher and higher. The longer you fly before crashing out – remember, this is a crash game after all – the higher your multipliers go too. And be sure to keep an eye on the Passengers’ List, where you can see fellow players and get in on their action as well.

#2 – Jet X

Crash Games are the only way to fly if you like seeing how far you can test your courage, and Jet X is a great way to see if you’re top gun material.

With the ability to win cash prizes up to 25,000x your stake, the sky is the limit when it comes to winning with Jet X. OK, maybe the whole sky, but with a maximum win of $300,000, it definitely comes close!

To launch your jet, just choose a bet amount anywhere between $.10 and $100. If you can’t decide between being a daredevil or a safe traveller, we’ve got you covered; you can make two separate bets on the very same flight! It’s a great way to handle your need for speed and your more cautious side.

Watch the multipliers go higher and higher once your plane has reached take-off against a stylish and soothing visual backdrop. The autoplay feature lets you sit back and get back into the action anytime your flight decides to come tumbling down to earth.

There’s also a fun dashboard on your screen that lets you see how you stack up against fellow players from wherever they are in the world. Are you an ace pilot with nerves of steel or a more casual passenger?

#3 – Space XY

The simple and stylish Space XY is a crash game that takes you higher and higher, until… it doesn’t.

You’ll enjoy the rush as your bright rocket curves up, up, and hopefully away. Space XY might be easy to play, but the adrenaline and exciting vibes are real.

And why the XY, you ask? Easy. The X coordinate (horizontal) shows the rocket’s time in the air, while the Y coordinate (vertical) shows you the multiplier – watch as the number keeps going up while you decide when to cash out.

Space XY also has an autoplay feature, where you can set your bet and the number of autoruns (that’s the number of trips into space). And there’s the auto cash-out mode, where you can choose the multiplier you’d like to hit before the rocket suddenly ends its journey.


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#4 – Triple Cash or Crash

Doubling your fun is so last century. Tripling your action is where it’s at in this futuristic fun ride to outer space!

Triple Cash or Crash lets you place 3 bets simultaneously on your crash game adventure. If you don’t feel like choosing between high-flying, high-risk adventure and ho-hum safe wagers, you don’t need to. You can pick three different wagers and auto-cash-out amounts to spread out your stakes and enjoy the ride.

On top of the excitement, this sizzling crash game, Triple Cash or Crash, features amazing visuals that will take you out of the everyday world. You start your space flight from a sunsetting desert vista and soon soar out of the stratosphere into space, passing planets and stars along the way as the multiplier grows.

Don’t get too lost in the beauty of it all, though! There’s cash to be won, but you should be ready to cash out before you crash out.

#5 – Dragon’s Crash

You know the expression about letting sleeping dogs lie? Well, the same can be said for sleeping dragons; if you want to win some cash prizes, that is.

Dragon’s Crash features a majestic red dragon, an Asian symbol of prosperity. He’ll be resting nicely in the background while you watch gold coins descend and the multiplier go up: Until he wakes up!

If burned by the dragon’s fiery breath before cashing out, your round is over! But you know that’s part of the deal (and the excitement) of playing crash games.

You can make two bets simultaneously when playing Dragon’s Crash, so if you want, you can play it safe and take a bigger swing all in the same round.

Meanwhile, the Autoplay feature lets you set a bet and choose the number of rounds – or autoruns – you’re in the mood for.

And if you can take the heat, you choose the moment to cash out as the multiplier goes up before the dragon burns you. But if you want a more relaxed way to wager and avoid his fiery fury, you can use the game’s auto cash-out mode. This lets you choose the exact multiplier you’re comfortable with, and if the coins keep dropping until you hit it, you’ll be on fire!

This style of game is becoming even more popular lately, with new and exciting crash games at Bovada appearing regularly alongside the classics.

We’re ready for everything, whether you decide to cash out or the game decides it’s time for you to crash out!


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