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When the wind is howling, the wild is expanding in the new 5-reel, 50-line slot, Windy Farm. You’ll find a barn full of charming farm animals, waiting for you to shake things up by spinning the reels. Chickens, goats, pigs, a horse and a bull are lounging in the pastures when the weather’s calm, but when the wind picks up, things get wily at Windy Farm.


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The game’s wild is directionally-expanding, and the direction in which it expands is determined by an external force – in this case, the absence or presence of wind. Gusts of wind will pick up the chickens, which are the wilds, creating a domino effect up the reel. The wild expands down the reel when the weather is calm. The primary function of the wild, which is standard to all slots, is to assume the role of other icons in order to create winning lines.

The only icon it won’t sub for is the scatter, which is the Bull symbol in Windy Farm. A minimum of three Bulls anywhere on the reels will trigger Free Spins Mode. During free spins, the reels will take off on their own, and all you have to do is sit back and collect the winnings, which are typically doled out at the end of the Free Game session.

The amount you collect depends on the amount you wager because payouts are always multiplied by the amount of coins bet per line. The default bet puts five pennies on all 50 lines, and costs a total of $2.50 a spin. That’ll net you a $75 jackpot if the top five icons align. The 1,500-coin jackpot maxes out at $3,750 if you’re betting 10 quarters a line.


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Regardless of how much you want to wager, Windy Farm is a good slot option if you like themed games with unique bonus features. If that’s you, grab a weather vane and check out which direction the wind is blowing because it could scatter payouts your way.