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The world of online slots has evolved quite a bit over the years and this has led a number of unique innovations along the way – from classic gameplay to special bonus features and progressive jackpots to Hot Drop Jackpots, today’s slot players have a host of game types from which they can choose. As if all of these options weren’t enough, Bovada Casino has recently added a new type of slot game: Bonus Buy slots. This innovative game type gives slots players more control as they spin the reels and chase after some major winnings. Keep reading to learn what Bonus Buy slots are all about and take your online slots experience to the next level at Bovada Casino.

What are Bonus Buy Slots?

As a new feature in the world of online slots, a lot of players are wondering “What are Bonus Buy slots?” The gameplay may seem similar to some of your favorite slots but there’s one key difference that makes this new format unique: Bonus Buy slots allow players to pay for the game’s bonus feature directly! No longer will you need to keep spinning the reels with your fingers crossed hoping to land a lucrative bonus; now you can take control of the action by purchasing the bonus straightaway with the Bonus Buy option.

Bovada Casino has a number of Bonus Buy slots ready for you to play and these games can lead to some massive payouts if you can take advantage of this special feature.


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How Do Bonus Buy Slots Work?

The vast majority of Bonus Buy slots play out just like a regular online slot would, with the addition of the bonus buying option. The game’s reels, symbols and payline combinations remain unchanged, the only difference is that you have the option of paying a set cost to activate the bonus feature available in that particular slot game.

The cost to initiate the Bonus Buy option is expressed as multiples of your stake or bet amount. While the cost of the Bonus Buy option varies by game, the standard price tag tends to be around 50-100x your stake. With that being said, some Bonus Buy slots have an even higher cost but it can be worth the fee if it leads you to some huge winnings.


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The Bonus Buy option will be clearly displayed just next to the game’s reels and can be triggered at any time simply by clicking the button. This will bring up the Bonus Buy menu, which often includes your base bet amount in order to calculate the total cost of this feature. It may also include additional settings such as the number of spins or starting multipliers. Once you’ve adjusted these settings to your liking, all you need to do is hit the start button and the bonus action will begin.

If you’re looking to access the Bonus Buy feature without having to pay the additional fee, there are other ways to trigger these bonuses. You can always get to the slot’s bonus feature the old-fashioned way by spinning the reels, but that can take time and comes with no guarantees. If you want to access the Bonus Buy without paying real money, some Bonus Buy slots allow you to cover a portion of the cost by using coins earned throughout the game. If you collect enough coins, you can even trigger the Bonus Buy feature entirely for free. Only certain Bonus Buy slots allow you to pay with coins, so be sure to check the rules before you begin playing.

How To Play Bonus Buy Slots?

Playing real-money slots online is always a fun time, but it’s the bonus features that make slots so popular since they offer the best chance of winning a huge prize. These bonus rounds are where you’ll find the most free games, win multipliers, enhanced symbols, extra reels and more. While these bonus features can seem elusive, they’re also the best way to cash in on your favorite slots. If triggering bonuses the old-fashioned way seems like too much trouble, Bonus Buy slots are your best bet!


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Now that you have a better understanding of what Bonus Buy slots are all about, you’re ready to start playing online for real money at Bovada Casino. You’ll require a Bovada account to get started, so you’ll have to signup if you don’t already have one. Creating a Bovada account is quick and easy, so it won’t take you long before you’re ready to start playing. Be sure to claim your crypto casino welcome bonus after making an account and then you are all set to enjoy playing.