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Calling all sports fans… we have created this short quiz so you can find out which online slot game is best suited to you!


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How Does It Work?

Finding out which online slot is best for you is super simple. Below you will find five questions, each with four answers labeled A, B, C and D.

All you need to do is answer each question and note down how many times you choose answer A, B, C or D. After you answer all five questions, have a look and see which answer you chose the most, then scroll down to see what slot you should play!

For example, after answering all five questions you may choose answer A once, B three times, C once and D zero times. In this case, B was the most common answer and therefore you would scroll down to selection B.

If you happen to have a tie, then lucky you! Both slots games are suited to you and you can enjoy playing both!

1. The Best Sport Is?

A. Football

B. Basketball

C. Soccer

D. Hockey

2. Who Is The Best Athlete?

A. Tom Brady

B. LeBron James

C. Cristiano Ronaldo

D. Wayne Gretzky

3. What Is Your Favorite Sporting Item?

A. American Football

B. Basketball

C. Soccer Ball

D. Puck

4. Your Favorite Place To Play Sports Is On A?

A. Field

B. Court

C. Pitch

D. Rink

5. The Best Sporting Event Is?

A. Super Bowl

B. March Madness

C. World Cup

D. Stanley Cup Finals

Now, calculate how many times you selected option A, B, C and D. Which ever you picked the most, scroll down to that selection. Remember, if it is a tie, then be sure to check out both of the slots games.

Selection A – Gridiron Glory

If you answered A the most, then the best online slot for you is Gridiron Glory! This online slot puts you right on the football field, giving you the perfect chance to score touch-downs whilst winning real money too. There are a total of 243 unique combinations that can win you cash whilst playing this slot game.

Selection B – Streetball Star

If you answered B the most, then you most definitely need to play Streetball Star. With this slots game, you will find yourself on the basketball court hitting 3-pointers left, right and center! At the same time, you can win some serious cash with 243 winning combinations! Have a read of our Streetball Star review for more information on this popular casino game!

Selection C – World Cup Football

If you answered C the most, the best online video slot for you is World Cup Football. Kick the ball, score some goals and win big with this soccer themed slot! The World Cup trophy is the scatter symbol; three scatters on reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger 10 free spins!

Selection D – Hockey Enforcers

If you answered D the most, then the online slot that is best for you is Hockey Enforcers. Jump straight into the rink, and onto the ice, to start spinning to score some goals and win real cash. With 243 winning combinations to win, there’s plenty of chances for you to win.


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