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Forget about everything you thought you knew about slot games because this game is as unique as they come. Instead of traditional reels and paylines, Space Traders uses a 3×3 grid that contains nine spots for icons. Each of the nine spots acts as its own individual reel, so it spins independently of the reels around it. To see how this works, launch Space Traders via Practice Play.

The rocket ship is ready for take off – use the “Spin” button to initiate launch. Once you start spinning your way through space, you’ll be calmed by the celestial backdrop, which contains stars, moons, and a robot named Sam. Specializing in holographs, Sam starts each round with a randomly selected icon that appears as a holograph between his robot hands. There are 10 symbols that are eligible for lucky status in any given round. If you land three or more of those Lucky Icons, they lock and trigger a re-spin. If another Lucky Icon lands from the re-spin, the feature triggers another spin. The feature ends when no additional lucky items are spun, at which point, you get paid for the total number of matching symbols – and that pay is double the standard pay.

Space Junk Bonus Round

The best part of Space Traders is getting a chance to strike a deal with Queen Bea and her sidekick Handy Max through the Space Junk Bonus. The bonus takes you to Bea’s rocket ship, where she has a storefront for all her celestial treasures. Despite the name of the bonus round, she doesn’t present you with junk; everything is valuable and will get you cash. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see how much you can get out of these coveted items. Five items are presented, and you get to pick three. The value of each item is tallied together for your total cash prize. Not impressed? No problem – return the items and Queen Bea will present you with five new objects to browse. She’ll make you a total of three offers.

After thoroughly testing Space Traders, we’re proud to say that this 3D video slot is a truly innovative addition to our online casino. It’s one of the first slots to offer a 3X3 grid in lieu of traditional reels. See just how futuristic online slots can be by spinning the reels of Space Traders at Bovada Casino.