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Bovada Casino’s newly added 5-reel slot, Thunderbird, is rooted in Native American culture. The central figure – the thunderbird – is a mythical creature that produces thunder with its massive wings. The game’s atmosphere shifts from a clear night, lit up by a full moon during Normal Play, to an epic storm complete with thunder and lightning during Free Spins Mode and increasingly so, during the Super Spirit Bonus Round.


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Normal Play
While in Normal Play, you’ll see a wild (the Thunderbird symbol) accompanied by a 2X multiplier spinning through the reels. If you’re unfamiliar with wilds, they take the form of other symbols to help create winning lineups, and in addition to that, the Thunderbird wild doubles the payout. This is especially helpful if you land the high-paying Snake symbol (up to 2,000 coins), the Moon symbol (up to 1,500 coins) and the Feather symbol (up to 1,000 coins).

Free Spins Mode
The Free Spins icon is a red salmon with three circular arrows in the top corner. You’ll need three of them to claim the minimal 10 free spins. Four of the Free Spins icons bump up your bounty to 20 free spins, and five automatically pay 50 free spins. While in Free Spins Mode, storm clouds gather, and the thunderbird expands to fill reels. A second Salmon symbol will appear on the reels: The Yellow and Gold Salmon.

Super Spirit Bonus Round
Three Yellow and Gold Salmon symbols trigger the game’s bonus round, which is essentially five more free spins. But these aren’t your average free spins; you’ll be spinning while the entire first reel is wild. Electricity pulsates through the reel, injecting winnings into your bonus round bankroll, and it’s quite the sight. After the five Super Spirit spins are over, you return to the previous Free Spins Mode to finish your remaining free games.


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Thunderbird is a visually-appealing slot game with enough features to pull in some big wins. It also gets points for having three distinct levels, which keeps gameplay stimulating. That being said, my favorite part is definitely the Thunderbird theme. Now, when I hear a storm coming, I’ll look to the sky for the majestic Thunderbird and thank it for its generosity.