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Cleopatra knows what she wants, and it’s made abundantly clear in the 5-reel, 20-line video slot A Night With Cleo. The game starts with an invitation to join the pharaoh up in her chamber. You probably don’t want to make her wait, as she has enough power to give out free spins, multiply winnings and double-up payouts, and she’s willing to reward good luck with a seductive strip tease.

A Night With Cleo plays like a traditional 5-reel, 20-fixed line slot, so you won’t have to learn new techniques to play. The game icons reinforce the Egyptian theme and are similar to other Cleopatra-inspired slots found at Bovada Casino. The payouts vary depending on what winning lineups you land, and you have standard scatter symbols, three of which will trigger free spins mode. While spinning for free, you’ll get the bonus of a 3X multiplier, which will triple your winnings.

A Night With Cleo has an additional bonus feature, which is unlike the bonus feature found in any other slot game at Bovada. It’s a “Pick Me” Double Up feature, and it gives you a chance to double your payout, or leave with nothing. If you guess right, you can double-or-nothing again; the feature can be used up to five times, so if you’re lucky enough to make it through the five double-ups, you’ll be sent back to normal play with a lot of winnings and a closer relationship with the pharaoh.

Cleopatra spices up the Double Up feature with a scandalous reveal. The feature offers five chances to double your winnings, and Cleo also has five levels of unveil. Guess right, and you’ll see a little more of the seductive pharaoh. Five successful attempts will have her completely nude from the waist up.

A Night With Cleo does a great job of capturing Cleopatra’s legendary sex appeal. She seduced Julius Caesar with ease and now has her sights set on you. Spin the reels to see just how far the night will take you.