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By now, you’ve probably noticed the updated line of table games available at Bovada Casino. This line features modern table layouts for games like Craps, Baccarat, and Roulette, with more coming out all the time. But it all began with The New Blackjack. This increasingly popular version takes all the features that make Blackjack the most widely-played “banking” game at the casino and presents them using a streamlined layout that’s both easy to use and pleasing to the eye.

If you prefer a Blackjack layout that looks more like something you’d see at a live casino, you can still play Classic Blackjack at Bovada. But there are more differences between the New and Classic formats than just the visuals. Keeping on top of these differences will help you pick the Blackjack game that’s right for you.

Splitting Hands

When you play Single Deck Blackjack at Bovada using the new format, you may split up to two hands; with the Classic format, you get to split up to three hands. Split Aces receive only one card in both versions.

Double Re-bet

After you’ve played a hand of Blackjack using the Classic format, you can place the same bet amounts for your next hand by hitting the Re-bet button. The New Blackjack features an additional “Re-bet X2” button that allows you to double your bet, up to the maximum of $500.

Sound and Music

The New Blackjack includes player controls for turning the music and the background sounds on and off. If you wish, you can also toggle the labels for the action buttons so that only the icons appear.

In short, you get improved functionality when you play The New Blackjack at Bovada, but if you’re playing Single Deck Blackjack using the new layout, you lose the ability to split up to three times. Otherwise, the same Blackjack rules apply when it comes to the Dealer hitting on soft 17, Blackjacks paying out at 3:2, and so on. Try both formats using the Practice Play mode and see which one you prefer – or play both to keep things fresh. Either way, you’ll be enjoying one of the best online Blackjack experiences in the business.