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For those times when you just need to chill out and have some fun, take a spin playing the online video slot Chillin’ Penguins at Bovada Casino. Dive into the action and score a big payday with the help of Wild symbols and the Freezin’ Penguins bonus feature. With a maximum win per spin of 5000x your total bet amount, playing with penguins has never been so rewarding. Easy to learn and fun to play, this online video slot is the perfect game for animal lovers or anyone looking to chill out and have a good time!

How to Play

Chillin’ Penguins is a five-reel, three-row video slot at Bovada Casino. The game features 10 fixed paylines, meaning that they’re available on each and every spin. The first step to get this game started is for the player to select their bet amount. The bet amount for this game starts as low as just $0.20 per spin and goes as high as $100 per spin. With such a wide betting range, players can choose the bet amount that best fits their bankroll and style of play.

Once the player confirms their bet amount, it’s time to hit the ‘SPIN’ button and watch the Chillin’ Penguins do their thing. If you want to speed up the gameplay, you can hit the ‘STOP SPIN’ button at any time to reduce the animation time and see the outcome of the spin right away. Players can also select the ‘AUTOPLAY’ mode to set a predetermined number of spins and bet amount to run consecutively and speed up the action. Remember that the winning lines are always given from left to right, starting from the first reel, and all 10 winning payline combinations can be found in the game rules under the ‘PAYLINES’ section.



One of the great things about this slot game is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. The game has a fun, playful theme based on a trio of penguins who clearly know how chill out… literally. This game provides players with a bird’s eye point-of-view, looking down at the reels on the water where the penguins are relaxing.

This slot includes a bunch of fun and colorful symbols that fit perfectly with the game’s playful theme. The lower tier of symbols consists of four fun-looking rafts, each with their own colour and shape. The higher tier of symbols is made up of the three Chillin’ Penguins. These aren’t any ordinary penguins you’d find at the zoo; between having drinks, playing music and catching some fun, these penguins know how to chill out and can help you win some real money.


Wild Symbol

The wild symbol in this online video slot is represented by a giant rubber ducky. This wild symbol can be a huge help as it can substitute for any other symbol when it’s part of a winning payline combination. These rubber duckies are extremely valuable and landing five rubber duckies in a single line will earn a payout of 2000x the bet amount!


Bonus Features

Chillin’ Penguins includes a special bonus feature called Freezin’ Penguins. This bonus feature is triggered automatically when six of the same penguin symbols appear in Reel 1 and Reel 5. When this happens, all of the symbols in Reel 1 and Reel 5 will freeze over and a re-spin begins immediately with the remaining symbols. If you manage to get another winning line freeze over, you’ll be rewarded with yet another re-spin. This bonus feature will continue over and over until you fail to get a winning line.

In addition to the Freezin’ Penguins bonus, there’s another special feature called Winnin’ Penguins. This lucrative feature only occurs when all of the displayed symbols freeze over. This means all five reels and all three rows are completely frozen. You can tell this has happened because the symbols will appear in little blocks of ice. When all of the symbols freeze, your total win amount will turn into a special prize that includes all possible winning lines of five symbols, multiplied by 10. The Winnin’ Penguins feature offers the game’s biggest return with a maximum payout of 5000x your bet amount!


Game Mechanics

  • The theoretical return to player (RTP) for this game is 95.76%. This represents the long term theoretical game payout.
  • If the period of inactive game session exceeds 60 days, the game session will automatically end. Any wins and bets that happened before the session interruption will be subjected to the terms and conditions of the gaming site owner.
  • In case of a disconnection, waiting 30 seconds is required before reopening the game and continue playing the unfinished game session.
  • Any game malfunction voids all plays and pays.
  • The present information may be subject to additional terms and conditions of the gaming site owner.
  • Maximum win per spins is 5000 times the total bet.


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With colorful graphics, lucrative payouts and a fun theme, Chillin’ Penguins is one of the more entertaining slot games at Bovada Casino. The minimum bet amount is low enough for beginner players to get a feel for the game, while the Freezin’ Penguins bonus feature provides you with the chance to win big money. Take a spin with the online video slot Chillin’ Penguins and chill out by the water with your new favorite birds. Interested in learning more about our amazing slots games, or looking for casino strategies and tips? Head on over to our online casino blog for all the latest Bovada Casino articles.