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Channel your inner samurai with our latest slot game, Bulletproof Babes. This limited release game is available to only a select few brands, which means you’re getting exclusive access to the action.

Bringing you all the excitement that casino slot machines have to offer, this 5-reel, 20 line slot game adds its own manga-style fantasy twist. Join five sexy warrior-babes on a quest to score some huge wins. Unleash the awesome forces of nature, with each of the five babes controlling one of five elements: fire, water, earth, metal and wood. Watch the reels burst with action when these mighty forces clash. There’s not many casino slots out there that bring this much elemental action to the reels, so get ready to put your strength, and luck, to the test.


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Make sure to keep your eyes peeled and your sword sharp at all times because when the Full Moon and Temple symbols come together, you’ll be able to pick which bulletproof gets to fight for you (not to mention land you a win, just like the slots of Vegas).

Don’t forget, Bovada’s always adding new and exciting slot games to its growing roster, so make sure to stay in the loop to see what’s in store.