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If the strategy involved in table games intimidates you, baccarat is a great starting point. This simple card game takes place between two participants, and you act as a spectator, betting on the side you think will win. This allows you to experience a popular table game in a low-pressure way. And with the release of our new version of baccarat, which includes a Practice Play mode, you can get your feet wet without investing your bankroll.


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The two game participants are Banker and Player. They’re both trying to get as high a score as possible and offer unique payouts if they win. If you successfully predict a Player win, you get an even money payout, and if you successfully predict a Banker win, you get an even money payout minus a 5% commission. It’s possible for both sides to end up tying, in which case, you get an 8-1 payout if you bet on the Tie.

Baccarat Payouts

The payouts in baccarat reflect the varying odds of each outcome. With a 1.06% house edge, the Banker is the best bet. The Player bet is still a solid bet with a slightly higher 1.24% house edge, which could be worth your investment in order to avoid the 5% commission. If you prefer high risk, high reward, the tie has a 14.44% house edge, which is why it pays a whopping 9-1 payout.

To help you keep track of each round’s outcome, this new version of baccarat includes a color-coded chart. Each round is represented by a colored bead, and the color corresponds with either a Banker win (red), a Player win (blue), or a Tie (green). This way, you can quickly glance at the chart and immediately know if there are any win streaks happening.


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Baccarat gives you a great opportunity to test your powers of prediction within a casino game context. See if you can get a winning streak of your own going with this new version of baccarat. It’s the same great game people have been playing in casinos for years, with a smoother user experience.