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Creating a budget is the best protection for overspending. It’s easy to get carried away when shopping down the “Sale” aisle, and equally easy to get in a couple extra spins while playing a slot machine. We’ve all experienced the dreaded hangover that comes from overspending, so to help keep you in the black, follow the following four tips for bankroll management.

Play with money you can afford to lose.
Decide how much you want to invest in a gaming session beforehand. The amount should be something you are okay with losing. Think of a casino session as a form of entertainment, and decide how much you’re willing to pay for the entertainment. If you’re going to a physical casino, bring cash and leave the plastic in the car. If you’re playing online, only deposit the amount you want to spend.

Time your sessions.
Once you decide how much to deposit into your bankroll, decide how many sessions you want, and then divide the bankroll by the amount of sessions you want to play. This will help create boundaries and limits and prevent you from losing track of time and overspending. You can set a timer to alert you when your playing session is over.

Find a game that suits your bankroll.
Finding a slot game that complements your bankroll will ensure you get good value for your deposit. You can usually select denominations between $0.01 to $2 for each coin wagered, and then you choose how many paylines you want to activate. If you want to play with the maximum paylines, the cost of each spin will be higher for games with more paylines. Many 3-reel slots have one payline, whereas some of the 5-reel slots have 50 paylines. Other games come with eight, 20, and 25 paylines, making it easy to find a game suitable for all bankrolls.


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Don’t spend the winnings.
One technique used to ensure people don’t go home empty-handed is the “don’t spend the winnings” system, which is exactly as it sounds. Determine how much you’re investing in your gaming session, then only spend that amount – keep all the winnings. It’s easier to do at a physical casino because you can divide your money into two cups, but with a little organization, you can apply the same method to your online play.

  • See how much each spin will cost.

For example, each spin of Diamond Cherries is $3 when wagering three coins.

  • Determine how many spins you can get from your bankroll by dividing the bankroll by the cost of each spin, and then tap out after you reach that many spins.

For example, with a $300 bankroll for a session of Diamond Cherries, you can get 100 $3-spins. After the 100 spins, I’ve worked through my bankroll, so the remaining money is kept as winnings.

Implementing sound bankroll management ensures gaming sessions stay on budget. It’s the best strategy for improving your chances of success playing slots.