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Our popular online slot, A Night With Cleo, has made a player very happy for a third time this month. On Wednesday, January 24, Aage L. from Iowa, risked $200 on a spin and triggered $640 in payouts. Not bad for a single spin. But his luck didn’t end there; at the end of that spin, the game’s random progressive jackpot gave way, making Aage L. $434,019 richer. Congratulations Aage – you’ve made it onto our list of Recent Winners.


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A whopping 15% of the players on our Recent Winners page are there because of the random jackpot in A Night With Cleo. This jackpot doesn’t have minimum betting requirements, nor do you have to land the top winning line to trigger it. Anyone playing on Real Play mode is eligible to win it. Since resetting, the jackpot has crept up to $29,000. Will we see a fourth win before the month is up?


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