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As one of the most popular tables games at Bovada Casino, roulette is easy to learn, fun to play and can lead to some huge payouts. Online roulette is a fairly simple casino game, but it’s important to understand each of the different betting strategies available to you when playing. Whether you like safe bets with even money odds or prefer taking on more risk for the chance to win big, there’s most likely an online roulette strategy out there that’s perfectly suited for your game. 

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This first part of online roulette strategy is to choose the version of the game that gives you the best odds of winning. Bovada Casino has both American Roulette and European Roulette tables available. While both games are similar, there’s a distinct difference between the two types of online roulette; European Roulette features a wheel with 37 slots and only a single zero (0), while American Roulette uses a wheel with 38 slots with two zeros (0, 00). This may seem like a minor difference but, unless you plan on betting the zeros, European Roulette’s 37-slot wheel gives you better odds of hitting your lucky numbers and going home a winner.

Once you’ve chosen your game and taken a seat at the table, it’s time to figure out your roulette betting strategy. There are a number of different strategies to choose from when playing online roulette, each with its own unique system. You’ll find some of the more popular roulette strategies just below, with a brief explanation for each of them. Once you’ve selected the betting strategy that best matches your game, it’s time to hit the roulette tables at Bovada Casino and start spinning that wheel.

#1 – The Martingale System

As one of the more popular betting methods with online gamblers, the Martingale System is a well-documented strategy. The overall concept behind the Martingale System is to double your bet after every loss. Players should continue to double their bet amount after each loss until a win is achieved, at which point they will restart the betting cycle at the original amount.

Here’s an example of how the Martingale System works:

  • Hand 1: Bet $10 and lose (Total: -$10)
  • Hand 2: Bet $20 and lose (Total: -$30)
  • Hand 3: Bet $40 and lose (Total: -$70)
  • Hand 4: Bet $80 and lose (Total: -$150)
  • Hand 5: Bet $160 and win (Total: +$10)
  • Hand 6: Bet returns to $10 and cycle restarts

As you can see in the example above, the Martingale System is based on the fact that you’ll recoup all of your losses and even make a small profit when you eventually get a win. If you plan on using this betting strategy at the roulette table, make sure you stuck to bets with even money payout odds such a red/black or odd/even.

#2 – The Labouchere System

The Labouchere System is another popular strategy and is similar to the Martingale system in that it requires you to increase your bet amount following a loss. This pragmatic approach to betting may seem tricky at first glance but it’s fairly straight forward once you get the hang of it.

In order to implement the Labouchere betting system, start by setting a goal of how much you want to win and then split that number into a sequence of smaller bet amounts. Your next step will be to combine the numbers on both ends of the sequence to get your initial bet amount. If you win the bet, both numbers are crossed out and you’ll once again take the numbers remaining on both ends of the sequence to determine your next bet amount. If you lose the bet, the combined wager amount is added to the far-right of the sequence and you start over.

There’s also a betting strategy called the Reverse Labouchere System. This strategy follows the same principals of the classic Labouchere System, except that your bet amount is increased following a win. With this betting system, the first and last digits of your sequence are removed after a loss, while a win results in the bet amount being added to the sequence.

#3 – The Andrucci System

Inspired by the Chaos Theory, the Andrucci System searches for subtle patterns that exist on the roulette table. This betting system is based on the premise that, by following the results of a roulette wheel over a certain amount of spins, you’ll be able to identify which numbers are more likely to come up. If you want to try the Andrucci System, start by taking note of all the numbers that come up over the course of 30 or more spins. Once that’s done, you can identify the numbers appearing more often and start betting on them over the next 30+ spins.

It should be noted that the Andrucci System is fairly risky so it may not be for everyone, but it can also lead to some major payouts when it works. With a 35 to 1 payout on each of these individual numbers, you can walk away with a lot of money if you can correctly identify the right numbers to bet.

#4 – The D’Alembert System

Designed for even money roulette bets such as red/black and odd/even, the D’Alembert System is yet another betting strategy based on the theory of progression. When using the D’Alembert System, the total bet amount is reduced by one after each win. Conversely, the total bet amount is increased by one after each loss. While this betting strategy is similar to the Martingale System, it’s far less aggressive as the bet amounts are only slightly adjusted after each hand. While this means you may not be able to recoup all of your losses from a single win, it also prevents you from losing too much from a single loss. Some online casino players prefer the Contra D’Alembert System, which functions on the same principals in reverse; your bet amount is increased by one for every win and reduced by one for every loss, making it a positive progression strategy.


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