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Everywhere you go, people will try telling you what to do and what not to do. Many of these people are trying to sell you something, like get-rich-quick schemes. They’ll even tell you the “secrets” for beating games of pure chance, when by definition, there are no strategies for beating these games.


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Well, virtually no strategies. European Roulette can be beaten, in theory, if you find a biased wheel that generates a non-random pattern of results, or you use some kind of legal technology to predict where a ball in motion will land. These mechanical exploits are very hard to come by, and you won’t find them playing online. That doesn’t mean there aren’t certain dos and dont’s when it comes to playing European Roulette at Bovada.

Do: Divide Your Bankroll Into Units

European Roulette isn’t much fun if you can’t bet. To ensure you don’t risk your bankroll, divide it into a specific number of units – at least 100 is recommended – and make one unit your standard bet size.

Don’t: Use Betting Systems

As we said, there’s no strategy that will help you “beat” European Roulette. Doubling your bet after every loss will put your bankroll at risk faster than you want. Stick with your standard bet size for every spin of the wheel.

Do: Plan Your Session Length

Games of chance should be played for entertainment, so plan ahead how long you want to spend at the tables. You can expect a certain number of spins per hour. European Roulette has a 2.70% house edge, so with a little math, you can calculate your expected session length given average luck.

Don’t: Chase Your Losses

If you happen to go on a bad run at the roulette wheel, your emotions might get the better of you. Stay with the program: Don’t dip any further into your bankroll trying to win back money. Even if you’re up at the end of your session, know when to quit. European Roulette will always be there for you later on.


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Do: Enjoy Yourself

Like they say, when the fun stops, so should you. European Roulette is there for your entertainment, and it’s a great game when you’re in the right mood – using the right bankroll management and bet sizes to keep things pleasant. Roulette is a game, so have a good time playing it, and let the ball land where it may.