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You may be familiar with the basic rules and strategy for roulette, but there’s a ton of interesting facts surrounding this popular casino game that you probably didn’t know. This article takes a closer look at roulette by sharing 10 interesting facts about the game.  

#1 – Roulette Was Invented In 18th Century France

It may be a staple at every casino, but the game of roulette actually comes from France. It’s believed by most historians that roulette was invented in the late 18th century, with the betting game flourishing in Paris casinos during the 1790s.

#2 – European Roulette Has Better Odds Than American Roulette

American and European Roulette are very similar but there’s one key difference; the wheel in the European game has the number 0, but American Roulette includes both 0 and 00. As a result, your best odds of winning will come at a European roulette table.

#3 – The Ball & Wheel Spin In Oppose Directions

One of the most fun parts of playing roulette is watching the ball spin around the wheel, hoping for it to stop on one of your numbers. A common misconception in roulette is that the ball and wheel are spun in the same direction. In reality, the roulette wheel is spun counter-clockwise and then the croupier will throw the ball in going the opposite direction.


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#4 – Roulette Dealer Is Called A Croupier

Another interesting fact about roulette is that the dealer is referred to as a croupier. Rather than dealing cards or playing directly against you, the job of a croupier is to manage the roulette game. They do this by overseeing all of the bets placed on the board and spinning the wheel.

#5 – The Most Bet Number In Roulette Is 17

There are tons of betting options to choose from when playing roulette – the wheel includes slots 0 through 36, yet the spot bet most frequently is lucky 17. This number isn’t actually lucky, it’s simply because it has a central location on the wheel and is often the first number seen by most players.

#6 – All the Numbers Add Up to 666

If you were to add up every number on the roulette wheel, you’d get a total of 666; referred to by some as the number of the beast. This satanic connection may be why roulette is called ‘The Devil’s Game’, but it’s sure fun to play!

#7 – The Object Placed On Winning Number Is Called A Dolly

When the wheel comes to a stop and a winning number has been determined, you may notice the croupier placing a small marker on the table’s corresponding spot. This small marker is called a dolly, with its name coming from its doll-shaped outline.

#8 – Roulette Has A History In Hollywood

The game of roulette isn’t just popular at casinos; it’s also been a major hit at the box office. The table game has been featured in the movies for decades, helping to create some of the most iconic scenes in Hollywood history. From the famous scene in the 1942 classic, ‘Casablanca’, to the suave and sophisticated gambling of James Bond in ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, roulette has had more than its share of memorable moments on the big screen.

#9 – Californian Roulette Is Played With Cards

That’s right. Californian roulette does not feature the usual wheel, but instead a special 38-deck of cards. The odds and payouts are the same, but the deck of cards is used to represent the pockets of a roulette wheel.

#10 – It’s All About Lady Luck

As gamblers, we’re always looking for a way to take control of the situation. While some players may be convinced that a certain betting strategy can boost their odds, it’s important to remember that roulette is based entirely on luck. This is a game of chance and that will always be the case, regardless of whatever betting system or strategy you have in place.


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