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Real Money Jackpot Sit & Go

Ever make $74K off $8? Unless you’re an investor, created a successful app, or you’re Walter White we’re going to assume … no.

But just five days after signing up for a account, one poker player turned a $8 investment into a $74,073 cash grab by playing in a Jackpot Sit & Go poker tournament.


A Jackpot Sit & Go is a poker tournament perfect for the casual player looking to dip their toes in competitive Texas Hold’em. Three players join and follow a “hyper-turbo” structure – the blinds increase fast (every three minutes) and the paydays are big. Each player starts with 500 chips in their stack. The winner takes all, except for when one of the top three multipliers is hit.

The $74,073 won was determined randomly by a spinning reel once just three players register for the game, giving them a shot at 11,111 times the $8 buy-in. That’s $88K total, and about 84% of the haul goes to first place.

The odds of hitting that jackpot are 1 and 100,000!

Check out the Bovada Poker Jackpot Sit & Go page for more info and details about the tourney. But don’t worry about timelines, we’ve got Sit & Go’s running 24/7, 365.