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With more and more people drawn to the fun and excitement at Bovada Casino, it’s important that new players have the chance to learn the gambler’s lexicon. For every time you’ve read or heard an unfamiliar term while playing an online video slot or table game, players should have a glossary of online casino terms available to them. With that in mind, we’ve put together a comprehensive casino glossary related to our online casino for all Bovada players. Have a look through the alphabetical glossary below and learn the meaning of every online casino term you’ll ever need.

Online Casino Glossary



A general casino term, action refers to the total amount of money wagered. Also referred to as handle.


A gambling term that means you’re pushing all of your remaining chips in to the pot.

American Roulette

A popular variation to the online casino game, Roulette. In American Roulette, the wheel has 38 slots (instead of 37) including both 0 and 00.



This casino term has multiple meanings. It represents the ‘bank’ in the game of Baccarat, yet also refers to a bet placed on the house winning.

Additionally, the term ‘Banco’ in the game of Roulette signifies when a player wagers their entire chip stack in a single bet.


A slang term referring to the amount of money a player has to gamble.

Beginners’ Luck

An expression referring to the myth that beginner casino players have the best luck when betting.


The name of the popular online casino game. Also the term for scoring 21 with the first two cards of a hand.


A slang term referring to the dice at a table game.

Bonus Round

Some online video slots offer special bonus rounds, triggered automatically by landing a unique combination of symbols on a spin. Bonus rounds often include free spins and multipliers and often lead to greater winnings.


A poker term referring to a card that does not help any of the players at the table.

Burn Card

A card that is removed off the top of a new freshly shuffled deck before a new round is dealt.


A Blackjack term for when a player or dealer’s hand reaches a total of more than 21.


Card Counting

A technique used by some players to keep track of the cards being dealt, allowing them to have a better idea of which cards will be the next to be dealt.

Card Shark

A slang term referring to an expert card player and gambler. Also referred to as Card Sharp.

Cashing Out

The act of withdrawing all the funds from your casino account balance via you’re preferred payment method.   


The gambling currency bettors use at casinos.

Color Up

A casino term used when a player or dealer requests that all of the lower value chips at the table are exchanged for higher denominations.

Come Out Roll

A Craps term for the first roll of the game.


A Poker term for when a player’s hand become less valuable as a result of the community cards forming a better hand.  


A term specific to video poker, referencing the average number of hands played between top payouts on the machine.


Double Down

A Blackjack term, where a player can double their original bet in exchange for just one more card.

Down Card

A card that is dealt face-down, so that it’s not immediately seen by everyone at the table.

Drawing Dead

A poker term that means a player has no chance of winning based on the cards left in the deck.



A term referring to having an advantage over your opponent in a particular game.

European Roulette

A popular variation to the online casino game, Roulette. In European Roulette, the wheel has 37 slots as there’s no 00 on the board.

Even Money

This term refers to a bet with even payout odds of 1:1. Since the odds are even, your potential winnings will always be equal to your amount wagered.

Expected Win Rate

A more advanced betting term for online casino players, expected win rate is a metric which indicates an individual game’s projected profit over a longer period of time.


Face Card

A casino term referring to any jack, queen, or king in a deck of cards.


A slang poker term referring to a player who loses consistently.

Fixed Jackpot

A casino term referring to slots with a pre-determined grand prize. This is in contrast to Progressive Jackpots, which continue to grow in value until they’re won.

Flat Betting

A casino betting strategy where a player maintains the same bet type and bet amount every time.



A Craps term referring to a combination of numbers achieved by rolling the same number on two dice. For example, a “Hard 6” would require rolling a 3 and a 3.

Heads Up

A casino term used in card games like Poker and Blackjack where the action is 1 on 1.

High Roller

A casino term for a player that consistently places high-value bets.


A Blackjack term for requesting an additional card from the dealer. 


A gambling term for the dealer and the casino as a whole.


Inside Bet

A Roulette term for a bet on the inside of the board with all of the individual numbers.


A Blackjack term referring to a side bet offered by the dealer when showing an ace. Players have the option of wagering half of their original bet amount on the dealer having Blackjack.



Often associated with online video slots, jackpots usually represent a game’s grand prize and can often be worth huge sums of money.


Live Dealer

A popular option at Bovada Casino, Live Dealer gambling allows players to play their favorite casino games at a real table with a dealer streaming live on camera.


A Poker term referring to when a player flat calls the big blind without raising.


Match Bonus

A type of promotion where the online casino will match your deposit amount by a specific percentage, up to a certain amount.

Max Bet

A gambling term referring to the highest amount you can wager in a single bet.

Min Bet

A gambling term referring to the lowest amount you can wager in a single bet.


The Martingale betting strategy involves doubling your bet amount every time you lose a wager until you win. 


Outside Bet

A Roulette term for a bet on the outside of the board. These bets tend to offer better odds but smaller payouts compared to Inside Bets.



A Slots term referring to the various winning combinations of symbols offered in the game.


A casino term referring to a player’s placement at the table.

Progression Betting

A casino betting strategy where a player will increase their bet amount following a win and decrease their bet amount after a loss.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot slot game features a jackpot that grows with every bet made until the grand prize is won.


A Baccarat term used for the player. This term is also used whenever a bet on the player wins.


A gambling term meaning that the bet was a draw or tie.


Running Hot/Cold

A slang gambling term referring to a player on a winning/losing streak.


Side Bet

Certain online casino games offer additional bets available, based on outcomes separate from the primary game.


Welcome Bonus

An online casino promotion awarding new players with bonus money based on their initial deposit.


A slang casino term referring to a player who plays high stakes and loses consistently.


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